This is the News Today, O’ Boy

I’m up in Colorado Springs. My friend’s husband had a hip replacement Monday and while things went fine, he was still in the hospital for two nights. That was good. It’s where he should have been.

It’s my longest trip up here since I presented at the SISSI (Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery [RIP]) in 2014, the March moment when I realized I was about to retire and sat in my room in the Antler’s Hotel and filled in the retirement documents instead of going to conference sessions.

I didn’t know at the time that SISSI was retiring, too. My paper was too long and my presentation lousy. The topic for the conference was “Heroes” and my hero was the person who survived. The paper was just too long for a speech but it’s not a bad read (though quite long and literary, including footnotes and a bibliography), The Heroism of Mere Survival and, something I should hold onto and remember.

On my way driving up here, I began experiencing pain in my right hip (the “good” one). By the time I arrived, I was really hurting. And it didn’t go away. I had nightmarish thoughts that the hip resurfacing prosthesis I got 11 years ago was loosening or something and I was in for another grueling fucking rehab. Yesterday I called my doc and and looked at my X-rays (6 weeks old) and told me no. That as I’m an active person and doing more than I’ve been able to do for a while, it’s undoubtedly a soft tissue problem, a combination of stress on my IT band and a minor inflamation of the sciatic nerve. They moved my next appointment up and I’m going to get a cortisone shot if it still hurts.

I actually saw him at the hospital while we waited for my friend’s husband to come out of recovery. Only an orthopedic surgeon is going to greet you with, “Hi Martha! That left leg is still crooked.”

To which you reply, “Yeah, my knee’s fucked up.”

To which he replies, “I know.” And you high five each other.

The whole week as felt surreal. I cooked meals for my friend so she didn’t have to deal with it when she came home from the hospital in the evening. There’s not much I can do that’s concrete beyond that and moral support.

Sadly, Bailey is back at his old owner’s to stay. Dusty attacked him, and though he wasn’t hurt, no one wants that to happen again.

That’s the news. I’m going home tomorrow. Dusty and Bear are back in boarding and that’s not free. I will be glad to drop into my sainted, lovely valley and return to my (extremely) non-effervescent life of exercise, writing and dogs.

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  1. And we are still as bubbly as ever, alive and kicking and ready to go. Have not seen you for some time, probably because I dwell mainly here on WP. Sorry that Baily is no longer boarding with you, but even dogs have their differences. Isn’t it wonderful (perhaps not so wonderful) whe we can high five with the doc and joke about our various limbs. Since managing to change my ear with a fall, we now make Van Gogh jokes – I looked like him for a while. See you around and Tabby sends best wishes to Dusty. See, she isn’t frightened of him. I think the few thousand miles between us have something to do with it. 🙂

    • I pretty much stopped writing my blog 😀 really not much to say that I haven’t already said. Bailey lives Dusty but Dusty is just a little “different” in the head sometimes and the combination of a thunderstorm, Bailey having Bear’s toy and me suddenly yelling put him over the edge. 😕

  2. +1 for hoping you feel better soon. What stunning scenery to recover around!!

  3. “The Heroism of Mere Survival” is one of the finest posts I have ever read. Be proud of it.

    I pray that you and your friend both recover well.

  4. We are stumbling through Garry’s recovery and I’m feeling like I need a vacation from myself. I think Garry’s eyes were fully open for the first time yesterday, which is probably a good sign, but he is still wobbly and of course, until they fit him with his new equipment, he’s just as deaf as ever … but we live in hope.

    I guess we are lucky that with all the stress the dogs are going through, no one has ever attacked anyone. They just aren’t attacking dogs. Resentful, though. And I swear they blame US for all their differences and maybe they are right. They didn’t choose their companions and although Duke has added some much-needed energy to the group, he is pushy, especially with Gibbs — the other boy. We ARE working on it.

    What’s really funny is that when Duke is particularly annoying I point to the corner — and he goes for a timeout in the crate. He knows.

    I hope you are feeling better. I hope WE are feeling better. This hasn’t been one of our better summers.

  5. Hey Martha–happy to see you again. Good news about your hip and your friend’s husband’s hip, too. Sorry about Bailey. Poor little thing……Glad you will be back home soon. Exercise, writing and dogs sounds fine to me!

  6. So sorry to hear about Bailey. I hope you can enjoy Dusty and Bear again and have some wonderful long walks with the two of them!

    How are your fires doing these days? It looks like the Holy Fire has been tamed now, and it’s a matter of extending the line the rest of the way around it. It’s still smoky here, but without the fear of danger!

    • It’s best for Bailey. Dusty is a really old dog (13 now) and I think what happened is related to his being old, almost blind in one eye, arthritic and easily frightened. But I don’t want either of them to go through that, even though the “fight” was probably 10 seconds long at the most.

      Our fires are out. The “monsoons” came and we had several days and nights of heavy rain. To get to Colorado Springs this past weekend (and home) I had to drive over La Veta Pass so I saw the damage wrought by the biggest fire this summer. Still not as big as the Cedar Fire of 2003. I was amazed, again, at the efforts of fire fighters to protect people’s homes and moved to tears by the “Thank you, Firefighter” signs — all reminded me of “my” fire 15 years ago. BUT nature’s amazing. Already, because of the rain, the ground around the blackened trees is green. It was beautiful in its way. ❤

      • The ‘monsoons’ here will maybe trigger a thunderstorm or two, and a sprinkle or two of water, but lots of humidity in otherwise smoky, icky air! It always amazes me how quickly nature begins the regeneration process after a severe fire, although our fires are getting worse and scorching the earth so badly that there’s almost nothing coming back yet from last winter’s Thomas Fire! The firefighters are awesome — they really deserve all those thank you’s!

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