12 thoughts on “The Scarlet Emperor Bean, Post 2

    • You can! They’re said to be sweet and delicious. I’m not eating any of these (I don’t think) because I really want the seeds. This is the coolest plant I’ve grown for a long time. I have a ginger root that wants to send out leaves so I’m going to plant it, too, inside. 🙂

  1. This is the first time I see scarlet flowers on bean plant! Wow!
    I like the curvey designs on those wire structures around ur plants. Did ya make them?

  2. I wonder if this plant is the same as the scarlet runner beans. We’ve been growing scarlet runners for a few years now, and I’ll never go without them. The beans are good, but the hummingbirds LOVE the flowers, and I love hummingbirds. Your plant looks very happy, and I don’t blame you for keeping the seeds! Do you get hummingbirds coming to your flowers?

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