Today’s Bear’s “Bearday” — the anniversary of my adopting her three years ago, plagued with doubts though I was.

The rest is history.

So… for her “Bearday” party she, Bailey and I went for a walk along the Rio Grande, a shady trail that’ll be open until March. YAY!!!

On the way back I encountered a woman with a big Chow-chow mix. We both stopped. She said, ‘Tell you what, I’ll go over here to the side of the trail and let you pass.”

I said, “Thanks. I have one kind of bad leg.”

She said, “Oh, I know what you mean. I just had a knee replacement six weeks ago.”

I thought, “Holy shit, woman, you’re amazing!” I said, “Wow. You’re doing great.” Everything I’ve read about knee replacement says rehab is slow compared to hip replacement. I didn’t dare walk my dogs until six weeks after my surgery. I felt like a wimp. Then I said, “Hip replacement, 11 weeks ago.”

“You’re doing great!” she said. “Dr. Trepi?” (Local doc in Alamosa who did her knee)

“No, I went to the Springs. Dr. Szuszczewicz.”

Meanwhile our dogs stared at each other across the 50 or so feet between us.

“Oh. OK, let me move over here.” She vanished from sight (but not from smell; Bear was very excited to meet a new person and dog).

When I reached her, we continued our conversation and I explained I couldn’t let Bear off leash so our dogs could play. “She’d catch a scent and I’d never see her again.

“I’ve seen you before,” she said, “on the other side?”

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ve seen you.” We introduced ourselves, then said goodbye and headed in our opposite directions, and I thought; “There’s at least ONE other old lady getting new, titanium parts so she can walk her dog.”

And I was happy. So now the “Pepsi” generation is more like the titanium generation.

21 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. Happy Bearday, sweet Bear. I had to fly about a year after my neck surgeries. My titanium neck and I flew through security. The guy behind me set off all the bells and whistles. He had a steel rod in his knee. Don’t you know ‘our’ generation is gonna be just fine, thank you.

  2. I’m all animal parts and electronics. No titanium. I feel like I missed the good stuff.

    Happy Bearday! I’ll give the fur kids an extra goody to celebrate!

    • They got some REAL chicken. 🙂 Bear got a new one of her favorite toy (and the box) and they got to walk along the river. Considering what you had to do to get the animal parts and the electronics, be grateful you haven’t needed titanium. I think acquiring titanium, (though the pre-titanium part is very painful) is nothing compared to what you’ve contended with.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bear! I’m just catching up with the blogging world after taking a couple of months off due to coaching soccer, running a gardening business, etc., but I’m happy to be back reading your posts. Your dog posts, plant posts, and beautiful writing make me smile. Thank you! Now, back to this post:

    I’m sure your pups are more than tickled with your decision to go titanium. They keep us going, don’t they? I’ve had many late nights this summer, and many night walks with my dogs. Many times I didn’t feel like walking, but I always arrived back home feeling peaceful and happy.

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