Undetermined Hiatus

In all honesty, I just haven’t been feeling the blog thing for the past few weeks. And, I can’t say why (maybe because I hate summer? maybe my post-surgery self has other priorities? maybe the Schneebelis want this to be over with? No idea…) I’m a little fractious and frustrated. Also, I have to say, the demise of the Daily Prompt was like, “OK, stop doing this now.” I was impressed that people wanted to pick up the baton, but I also thought “Why?” Still, ultimately, I let people down after volunteering to post prompts for Rag Tag Daily Prompt.

It could be that after five years and nine hundred million blog posts, I’m just finished and have nothing more to say. I really don’t know. But I’m not able to maintain my own rules as a writer and a reader at the moment.

Other bloggers have stopped — I know because there are three whose absence I STILL notice even though it’s been a while. Others have shifted to writing when they feel like it. I don’t know what I’m going to do or where this will take me, whether I’m finished or in a transition.

All that being said, I really cherish the friendships I’ve made here over the years and since most of you have other ways of contacting me and being contacted, I hope that just because I won’t be here any more won’t mean we lose contact with each other.


24 thoughts on “Undetermined Hiatus

    • And as far as letting us down on the Ragtag, I don’t think you did at all. You stepped in for a bit, helped us get our act together with the FB site, contributed some posts, and then moved on. I found you to be a valuable and supportive team member while it worked for you. Then you moved on, which to me seems absolutely appropriate.

  1. “I don’t know what I’m going to do or where this will take me, whether I’m finished or in a transition.” These can be the best moments in your life, when you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Enjoy it, I mean it. πŸ™‚ ❀

    • ❀ I'm struggling with a novel and I think that is part of my situation, and, also, I think I might just have reached the point where I will write when I think I have something to say. It was fun writing every day, and then it wasn't. We'll see — and I agree; moments of transition are sometimes challenging, but can definitely be "the best moments in your life."

      • Struggling with a novel… i can certainly appreciate how challenging that is! And rewarding, too, in the end! That takes focus and a lot of letting go, of former thoughts and ideas to embrace new ones coming up almost every second… The best of luck with that! πŸ™‚

  2. I have been away for long time, but I missed reading you!
    It’s been several months I was away from wp.. Every time I attempted I felt , “no, that’s not how I want to say/write it!” I was feeling choked. Still, during my away time from posting, I came back here few times only to see what you have written πŸ™‚

    • ❀ Maybe I'm just going to write when I really feel I have something to say. Maybe this is just a change from writing every day. I don't know. I'm also struggling with that story that's been so hard to tell. But that you came back to read what I had written has warmed my heart and made my day. ❀

  3. Good luck, Martha, and I’ll be looking for you whenever you do post. I still haven’t recovered from the loss of Daily Post & Community Pool. I’m not posting as often, which is only due in part to their absence. I have tried to link most of my recent posts to either Ragtag’s daily prompt or Fandango’s One-Word Challenge or both.

    Take care, be well, and happy writing!

  4. I always enjoy your contributions, but I can understand your problem completely. You lead an active life, despite your repaired hip joint and caring for two mega dogs, as well as writing books and so take it easy. Blog when you feel the need to. If it wasn’t for the blogging we would never have met online and one day, who knows, in real flesh and blood.

    • I hope so! I hope to accompany you to the hermitage and try Mr. Swiss’ apple flan. I know I’ll continue to write, but not regularly. I’m pretty sure that’s how this will turn out.

  5. I will miss you. Why not do like I do and only write when the spirit moves you? Writing as recreation and not as a chore.

    • I’m working on a novel and it’s pretty demanding at the moment. I’m sure I’ll write more posts sometime. I never looked at responding to the daily prompt as a chore at all — it was fun. I think their killing the daily prompt — which I viewed as totally consequenceless writing — was a sign in some little part of my mind that said, “OK, stop now.” Dunno πŸ™‚

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