Milk Can!

Five days without Internet were good, interesting, would’ve been fine if my phone and internet weren’t connected. That was a little scary. Learning I could use free wifi in the park was good — once a day, check in and make phone calls while I watch people walk their dogs and have picnics. I don’t like that park much — one side of it is along the highway and there is no fence. If I were building a park there I’d sure put up a fence along that side anyway, but I’m not in charge.

I learned how much time I WASTE online. Incredible. I started wondering what is the point of Facbook? I’m still wondering that. I wondered about my blog, too. Every single day. In five years, I have written more than 2000 of these things, and while some say something, most don’t.

During this interval, I also learned about radio in the San Luis Valley — several Christian stations with strong signals, lots of country music with strong signals, a couple of rock-ish stations that have to offer something for everyone so mix up hip-hop with Tom Petty (make my teeth itch, both extremes). And there’s PBS which has always been far too earnest for me. It’s like (for me) listening to Eeyore. BUT I got fire updates with NO national news (imagine!!!!)

I made progress on the Schneebelis writing every morning while Dusty waited for his coffee, time usually dedicated to this blog.

The smoke smell is strong today. The firelines that were doing a pretty good job yesterday were mocked and ridiculed by the fire over night and we’re back to zero containment. Really NOTHING is going to do anything to that fire except humidity and rain. There is a marginal probability of rain this afternoon so anyone so inclined please pray or dance for rain in Southern Colorado. This is supposed to be the beginning of the wet season but…

Meanwhile, Bear and I discovered the golf course was closed for the fourth of July so we had some independence in where we walked. We left no trace; it’s our secret. I’m now teaching myself to walk up and down hills. There are some small ones at the high school. Rehab takes a lot of time and patience and the other day at Physical Therapy I had a short sinking spell that maybe the problem isn’t my jointsΒ per se but that I’m old and there’s only one fix for that.

In two weeks the entire slough is open for walking and I look forward to that.

As for my blog — I’m not sure. My books are (on the relevancy scale of the Universe) only a very small positive number, but they matter to me. My blog is a slightly larger positive number, but I’m not sure about it, either. I might be running out of things of pith and moment to share with the world.

21 thoughts on “Milk Can!

  1. I bought my first camera because I wanted to capture the texture of melting snow. I was never going to be a Cartier Bresson, so I decided that nothing needs to have meaning. Recording your view of the world around you is enough; sometimes someone finds it interesting. I’m still struggling with the snow.

  2. Joy in what you do is paramount…whether anyone else loves it, is secondary..and balance, which is sometimes harder find! Received “My Everest” in the mail yesterday, I’m looking forward to reading it!

  3. it is interesting being disconnected, and discovering what matters. The last time I did a grand canyon river trip, I was off the grid of all non-direct communications for 2 weeks. It was with some reluctance that I reconnected.
    I enjoy you and your blogs, and for that reason hope you’ll continue. And at the same time doing something you no longer feel like doing is crummy.

        • That’s certainly true. I suspected something like this might happen down the road from the Great Surgery Adventure but I had no idea what the trigger would be. It’s so annoying when that pesky question, “What’s real, anyway?” rears its persistent ugly head.

  4. I have pulled way back from daily (or more) posts that I used to do. I’ve also pulled back from daily trips to see my birds at Dana Point, and to take pictures of the sea, etc. I find that reading and responding is quite time-consuming, and there are other things that need my attention. Now that I’ve fixed the bathrooms, though, hopefully I’ll pick back up a little — once a month isn’t enough to keep me happy! PLEEZE don’t abandon your posting — I know you’ll do what’s best for you, but I always enjoy your posts!

  5. There are things in my life that give me a reason and support to combat boredom. I think of mum and dad watching TV every evening and never reading a book, although dad did belong to the library. I like change in my life, so give me a camera, let me discover the world. Internet is fine but everything in the right place at the right time. It is now evening and I am out on the porch , OK I know. I am acknowledging posts from WordPress,on my iPad. Just cannot get away from it.

  6. I enjoy your posts, Martha. That hill is sounding a little tough at the moment. Think of that hike you are going to do in November. Now, that could be something to write about to get your mojo back. Hugs.

  7. I do enjoy your posts, Martha. You are clear across the country from me so life is interesting! The dogs, your books, your amazing recovery…but that is what I enjoy reading. What you enjoy writing is a whole ‘nother story. I used to take the weekends off from WP (this is all I do–no IG, FB…whatever else!) but I am loving the new prompts, so that is a new interest for me. Things get stale. It is interesting what you find out when you are away from something, isn’t it?

    • I don’t know yet — but I’ll probably keep writing, but maybe not every day. πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s fun (usually) sometimes I’m, “Huh?” even with my own ideas. It’s also been a very strange few months….

  8. Your thoughts about what the point is of FB or blogging or being online and how much time we waste doing these things resonate with me a lot. I was off FB and being online more in general for about 5 months last year after a trip to Africa which completely changed some of my perspectives… however, and this is funny (if not tragic), all the while I was off line I KNEW that one day, sooner or later, i’d be back on it, be it for work, to publicize the things I do, or just be “connected”… maybe that’s what’s “wrong” or simply our Zetigeist, that for many different reasons we just can’t do without

    • Anyway, for what it’s worth, keep writing. if you do it’s because you get pleasure from it and know it’s important to you. Slow down or don’t feel the need to publish something every day, but keep writing. MHO ❀

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