Once upon a time, four 1/2 years ago, when I first moved here, I looked at the yard and thought, “Wow. All I have to do is mow it!” I’d been living on a 1/4 acre of rock riddled land in the Cuyamaca Mountains of California and to cut the weeds/foxtails, I had to use a weed-eater. My new, green Colorado lawn seemed like Heaven well, in Heaven.

I’d forgotten. Twenty years before I’d had a lawn. I’d even planted the damnedΒ thing with seed! and then we got a lawn mower and I mowed it and I…

hated it. Hated that job. Looking at the emerald splendor of my new Colorado lawn, I forgot all about that until the first time I hitched up my (electric) mower and went at my front yard. Strong feelings of hating it rose to the surface, and as I criss-crossed the relatively small surface I yelled, “I hate this. I HATE it. I HATE IT.”

I gotta’ get out there before it gets too hot which is tomorrow when it’s supposed to hit 90.


17 thoughts on “I HATE It

  1. Lawns are more trouble than they are worth. Our neighbour has a stretch of plastic lawn, which will never grow and never have a weed and we have a mowey. Before we had mowey we had to do it all ourselves, so I know what you mean.

  2. The Kid mowed us yesterday. This is good because I can’t even control our mower. It is twice the size of me and twice as heavy. I wanted electric — at least I can manage electric — but the lawn it too big and too rough. I’m no great lawn fancier either.

  3. The “rechargeable” battery on our small electric died, so I hand mowed yesterday. Glad we have a very small lawn. The cool green is nice, and a real pain in the behind as well. Hope you got it done before the heat hit. I was trying to beat the storms yesterday while it was cool.

    • I got it done, dragging the cord around like a noose but (thankfully) not exactly like a noose. My sprinklers are timed to go on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so it was today or wait another week. My lawn is a mess because of the drought and because I don’t care about it AND because Mindy T. Dog (RIP) peed in ONLY one spot. The grass gave up there long ago.

  4. I have never been a fan of the lawn. I’ve never understood the desire for the perfect green. My neighbours are horrified, I am sure, as I refuse to use weed killer. I’m happy to have dandelions and my spreading yarrow, which incidentally makes a nice cushy surface. My backyard is very patchy because of our dog. I don’t mind, I prefer to put my efforts into my vegetable and flower beds.

  5. I hated mine too, so I got the “bright” idea of xeriscape plants and rocks. It was looking great until the gophers showed up….and now…well now, i am sure my neighbors hate me. My yard looks like a dusty western landscape complete with tumbleweeds! Yes, it’s on my to do list..but with all the curve balls hurled my wayof late..it just may end up on my bucket list… πŸ™‚

    • Gophers. Scourge to man and beast. Friend and food to rattlesnakes. Fortune maker of giant pots for plants. Grrrrr… I did learn that they do not like indigenous wild flowers and they don’t like irises very much. They are also not too fond of Siberian huskies which is unfair since Siberian huskies think gophers are very tasty I mean good. πŸ™‚

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