Gratefully back to Business as (Somewhat Slower than) Usual



Bear, happy to be home


Lori, the owner of Noah’s Arff, brought Dusty and Bear home to me yesterday afternoon. They were so HAPPY! Lori pulled into the alley, I left the back gate open, both dogs went straight to their yard and into their house. Dusty spent the first hour glued to me and Bear spent her first hour exploring the vastly overgrown wilderness that was once her yard. She was VERY impressed, however, by her favorite hole because now the lilac has leaves and has grown around the hole so she can not only dig, but she can hide.



Dusty in his favorite spot


I have always been amazed by dogs and I was curious to see what Bear and Dusty would do when they came home. They were gone for 6 weeks — 43 nights. They learned a whole new schedule, new life, new people, new regimen. They had fun and playmates and sometimes a lot of time in the VERY large kennel that is “theirs” (it’s easily 10 x 10 feet). But once home, it didn’t take long for them to reassert their dog-status and re-assume their habits. The REAL test was last evening, after dinner, about 7:30 pm (a beautiful time of day on the longest day of the year, the first day of summer) Bear stood in the kitchen giving me a certain look which means, “C’mon! Let’s go! C’mon! The alpenglow! You’re going to miss it! I have messages to read! Let’s go!”

I wasn’t sure I was ready to walk her, honestly. I’d half planned to wait a day or two, take control of the moment, make it my own choice, but I love that dog and I thought she was right.

“Dusty, you have to stay here. I can’t handle you both.” Dusty seemed to nod in understanding. I leashed Bear and out we went. She was eager, but responsive to a command I’ve taught her which is, “Go slow.” So we had our evening walk on the longest day of the year, slow and peaceful around the high school. I met a neighbor with her sweet, smart and very loyal little white poodle. Bear sat and listened to our short chat about stuff. Then we went on our way Bear read messages, left a couple, while I looked at my mountains and thought to myself that there’s nothing more beautiful than a simple moment with a good dog.

I’m so glad they’re home. Now I have to go clean up their yard. There’s probably even a pond out there somewhere I don’t know about.


“I missed my coffee!!! Thanks human!”

20 thoughts on “Gratefully back to Business as (Somewhat Slower than) Usual

    • Dusty sends regards to Tabby and hopes she never has to spend six weeks at a cattery. I told him it is unlikely and he said it wasn’t that bad, but he thinks Tabby would miss her humans, whatever she says about their being her slaves etc. No way to make a dog understand a cat. 🙂

    • I was pretty good without them for the first month when things were painful and difficult, but about 10 days before my doc appt, I felt so lonely. Not without friends lonely, but missing a big part of my life and heart lonely. So I went out to visit them in a way we could all hug and talk and stuff. That helped — and the owner of the kennel said that Dusty and Bear had been depressed for a few days before that but after I visited, they were OK again. I think the human/dog connection is beyond my ability to describe. We’re so happy to be back together. ❤

  1. We were only gone for three days and the dogs were SO happy to see us. And then, they happily went to sleep. Did they have insomnia while we were gone?

    I’m glad you’ve got Dusty and Bear with you again.

    • Dusty and Bear are very tired today. Bear would like a walk, but she’s lying down showing me that if it happens that’s good but it doesn’t have to. I think they go to sleep because everything is again right in their world. Dusty is sleeping with his nose on my foot and he helped (truly) do my physical therapy today. Bear has spontaneously understood not to lie on my left leg. I don’t know how. Maybe it smells wrong to her. I am so proud of the way they were at the kennel and so grateful to the owner and the mysterious donor who paid $100 of the bill that has been already deeply discounted. They charged me $20/day for both dogs — that’s $10 a dog. I don’t know what miraculous world I’ve been in for the past 3 months but whatever it is/was/has been I sure know it. ❤

  2. “…there’s nothing more beautiful than a simple moment with a good dog.” I LOVE this, and you are SO right. Enjoy being home with your beautiful dogs. ❤

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