Dreams DO Come True

Yesterday I drove to Colorado Springs and checked into my beautiful B&B — the Crescent Lily Inn. This is my “summer vacation” so to speak. It’s beautiful. Colorado Springs has many gorgeous Victorian homes and when I was a kid I dreamed of living in one someday when I grew up — well, I get to live in one for two nights. My room even has a four poster bed, another thing I dreamed of as a little kid.

If you just wait long enough and have a couple hundred bucks your dreams might come true.



Of course there’s my reacher and computer case because it’s NOT the 19th century…

Along with the fufillment of childhood dreams, comes breakfast. 🙂

Today’s the big day when I go see my surgeon for my 6 week exam. I’m going to make his life easy and mine less embarrassing by just wearing shorts. Sure, my legs look like proof of the evolution of humans from apes, but I was able to mitigate that to a limited extent yesterday by using a rubber band to fasten my razor to the end of my shower brush, again setting the humans apart from other animals (except ravens) as the masters of tools. And considering that THAT man has seen me start naked, unconscious, and cut open, really what’s there to hide?



8 thoughts on “Dreams DO Come True

  1. That’s why I prefer to be awake during the operation if possible. Then I know what they are doing. Have fun, I am sure everything will go well, especially after fixing the razor to the shower (am still trying to work out how you do that one) 🙂

  2. Enjoy your stay. Looks like a lovely room.

    Be careful on the de-fuzzing–as you clearly were. I had a patient who, not once, but twice, ended up stark naked and soaking wet in the ER, having dislocated (her conventionally done, this was 20 plus years ago) hip while shaving her legs in the shower. The second time, I happened to be leaving the hospital on Sunday morning rounds as she arrived, bemoaning that she was missing church again!

  3. Hope all is well. So glad you are healing. Next week we will be fulfilling a long time dream: staying in a bed and breakfast in Savannah, Georgia. I am beyond excited. I did like Portugal, but the thought of living in one place and not traveling to others is too much for me, but, oh blessed Lord, I cannot wait to see the Atlantic Ocean again. I miss walking along it in Portugal, but I can do the same, or near,y the same, in Savannah.

  4. Love the digs! In my much, much younger years, I chose not to shave my legs as part of my nomadic back to basics life style. I cringe when I think of working as a temporary receptionist in a real estate office and wearing skirts..mind you it was in Yellowknife, not your mainstream city. However my middle class upbringing resurfaced to some extent and now every spring I mow.

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