Dog Stars



“Yeah. I had no idea. Stellar.”

The golden retriever and the indeterminate mutt shook the water from their coats and headed back to shore.

“My human taught me that.”

“No way.”


“I was really scared the first time. I mean, that stuff is for drinking or drowning, right?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“But! Exactly!” So she took me out there with her. I was trying to get away and then all of a sudden — BAM — I got it and she let go. I was riding a wave, she was riding the same one and we were looking over at each other.”

“You did this with your HUMAN!”



9 thoughts on “Dog Stars

  1. It happened to me only today. I was at the river and a lady had two dogs both in the river. I was taking photos, one came out of the water and stood next to my wheelchair. He looked at me, I looked at the dog and said “I know what is coming” and we all laughed as he shook his coat. That dog knew what to do and so did I, I moved to one side.

  2. I thought you were going to show pictures of dogs surfing. I’ve seen some. They seem to be enjoying it. there’s one of those sports I never thought seriously about. Surfing. I have trouble standing up properly on the floor, much less a board on water.

  3. Cute. Did you know you can buy naming rights for a star? A few people here have banded together to have a star named after their dearly parted pooches. 🙂 Dog people! But the thought is lovely.

    PS. I’m having lots of problems liking and making comments on my big ‘puter. It doesn’t think I follow anyone anymore. So if you don’t hear from me for a while you’ll know why. The laptop is still functioning but we can’t work out what is going on with my favourite computer. I think I may just have to sacrifice all privacy.

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