Pickled Herring

My ancestry is 34% Scandinavian, so you could say my brother and I were born into the Smorgasbord world, but… There is 56% other stuff in our DNA so my brother’s love for the single smorgasbord restaurant in Denver in the 50s could not be blamed totally on genetics.

It could be blamed on pickled herring.

Cream Herring 2


12 thoughts on “Pickled Herring

      • Mr. Swiss was on a businss trip to Volvo Sweden on St. Lucia, with the girls with candles in their hair and the big Swedish buffet in the evening. First a hundred sorts of fish and afterwards stuff like elk and deer and moose etc. etc. Then he was a younger man. There were some polish lorry drivers there picking up some new lorries and they all joined in in singing Santa Lucia, in polish of course. 🙂

  1. Goodness — even my neighborhood grocery store carries pickled herring! I have to fight myself not to stop at that counter every time I’m in the grocery store. Trader Joe’s too, but I haven’t found it there!

    • My neighborhood grocery store (a neighborhood as big as Connecticut) does not have pickled herring. 🙂 BUT we have the most amazing variety of chile you could imagine. AND since I’m more of a chile person than a pickled herring person, I’m OK with it. BUT when I go to the city (as I will next week) I will buy cheese imported from Switzerland. ❤

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