Random Quotidian Rambling, Surgery and Politics

I’m going to visit my dogs today. I had big dreams of bringing them home yesterday, but that was impossible. I had hopes of bringing them home next week, but those dreams are fading fast. I’m not steady on my pins, can’t clean house easily, can’t bend over (to put their food dish down), can’t walk them, can’t carry a bag of dog food, can’t hold Dusty back from charging the front door etc. etc. I did get a pooper-picker-upper that I don’t have to bend over to use. I am now thinking that I can get them in ten days, on the one-monthiversary of my surgery.

I’m still very tired. Yesterday I had physical therapy, and then a friend dropped in for a visit. After that I needed a two hour nap. 🙂

The post-surgery brain is an interesting world. Yesterday I had to figure out how to empty the recycling bin in my kitchen without lifting or bending over. That ended up me using my reacher/grabber to take stuff out and put in a paper bag that I could then carry out back to the recycling can. It sounds like a smart solution, and it was, but it revealed how messed up my brain has been from this whole thing — one of the pieces of paper was a check for $65 I’d endorsed. Apparently I’d put the stub in my wallet and the real money in the recycling. It has a little protein powder on it, but I can still deposit it.

There’s a lot of hard and serious work going on in my body right now. The acetabulum is trying to grow into the new piece that was installed. It’s been glued in, but the real healing is when my own bone grows to hold the implant. It takes about three months. This can be messed up and I don’t want it to be.


In other guilty news, I’m watching the President create truth. It’s truly amazing. Because I was taught (meaning it was hammered into my head by my teachers and professors) to be skeptical, find primary sources and do research in more than one place, it’s just my nature NOT to believe anything until I see it corroborated by more than one source, hopefully sources that are relatively unbiased. SO…when I see Trump quoting Fox News (exclusively) I’m not fooled (or even interested). I know what he’s doing every time he decries “false news!” He’s calling out to his supporters to reject a story that might have been published by several different sources (a symptom of facts) but isn’t what he wants people to know or believe. I’ve always been aware that he does this on purpose. Nonetheless, this stunned me:

(Leslie) Stahl said she and her boss met with Trump at his office in Trump Tower in Manhattan after the 2016 election in advance of a recorded sit-down interview for “60 Minutes.

“At one point, he started to attack the press,” Stahl said. “There were no cameras in there.”

“I said, ‘You know, this is getting tired. Why are you doing it over and over? It’s boring and it’s time to end that. You know, you’ve won … why do you keep hammering at this?'” Stahl recalled.

“And he said: ‘You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.'”

As Mueller’s infinitely long and convoluted investigation continues, and people lose interest in it, and the economy is (allegedly) strong, and Trump continues to fulfill his campaign promises, it is less and less likely that anyone will care whether he lies or not. His behavior is that of a guilty person, but people who believe they are doing better financially now than they were 2 years ago aren’t going to care.

It’s not just the media that Trump discredits in this way. He’s gone after any group who stands up not in opposition to him but in support of the truth. Yesterday James Clapper explained that the FBI was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, ultimately something that would protect the legitimacy of the election. Yet, Trump is calling it “Spygate.”

On Tuesday, James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, went on “The View” … to talk about President Donald Trump and the intelligence community.

During that interview, this exchange happened between Clapper and co-host Joy Behar:

BEHAR: “So I ask you, was the FBI spying on Trump’s campaign?”

CLAPPER: “No, they were not. They were spying on, a term I don’t particularly like, but on what the Russians were doing. Trying to understand were the Russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage or influence which is what they do.”

BEHAR: “Well, why doesn’t [Trump] like that? He should be happy.”

CLAPPER: “He should be.”


Meanwhile, the NFL mandates that players must stand for the National Anthem, taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood is nearer to being cut off, kids have been killed in school (again? still?). Is it that an unborn fetus is more important than a high school kid on the brink of his/her life and future that the gumint can “protect” one life and ignore the losses of others? Never mind that abortion is not Planned Parenthood’s main job. I — and many of my students over the years — visited Planned Parenthood for such important things as free HIV testing. I don’t know. I don’t expect sense any more.

There’s a great phrase in Spanish, Jodidos pero contentos — all fucked up but OK. I’m kind of there. With the surgery, the drugs, the brain weirdness, the slow-motion life, the regaining of skills and abilities, the national situation looks foggy, distant and gray. What really matters is that I sleep on my back, don’t bend forward more than 90 degrees and get my dogs home as soon as I safely can. I can’t influence the gubmint, I can’t change the minds of his supporters or effectively do anything but show up to vote in November. I only have to show up at my mailbox so that’s no big deal. I do wish some other party (or even the repubs) would step forward with something positive because an anti-Trump campaign is not going to win seats in Congress.


12 thoughts on “Random Quotidian Rambling, Surgery and Politics

  1. Garry finds 45’s attacks on the media infuriating and humiliating. And meanwhile, Garry is getting ready for HIS surgery — and I’m getting ready to try to carry the load here, including a lot of driving I don’t want to do.

    Yes, your brain is in a whole different space when you are recovering from some major event to your body. For me, there’s always a huge danger of depression. It isn’t an unusual side effect, especially for things like heart surgery where you tend to feel completely invaded, but I think those of us with depression issues — any physical invasion can drop us into the dark tunnel. I was really bad after the breast cancer surgery and it took me months to pull out of it. When I went in for the heart stuff, I was on heavy alert for signs of the black hole and managed to get through it without disappearing into a corner and refusing to come out for months.

    If all you are doing is physically recuperating and trying to stay alert enough to not do anything dangerous or stupid … and worrying about your dogs and our idiot gumint, you are probably doing about as well as anyone can. You must miss your dogs terribly. My problem was keeping them from jumping on some part of me that really must not be jumped on. I expect your hip is pretty much in that place too — and since you can’t guarantee the dog won’t merely bump you without any intent, yeah, careful.

    You’re do for another leap to another level pretty soon. I’m glad you chose the good weather for this process. I’d hate to be worrying about you and snow and ice too. This is bad enough.

    Stephen King was on Colbert last night and he commented that Trump had blocked him, but he realized he didn’t need to be unblocked. Blocked was fine. I’ll bet most writers are blocked. We think too much.

    Hugs to you and yours. All will be well. In time.

    • I’m glad Garry is moving forward to his surgery. I saw a guy at the post office who’d had it and he was standing there, talking to the PO worker just like nothing. I could tell he was happy.

      Depression is one of my fun attributes, too, and they took away my anti-depressants two weeks before my surgery. For the first week or so, I felt very, very depressed — post-op blues mostly. Now, I’m mostly OK, just think I need to let my body do its job and not interfere or lose my patience.

      As we know, Bear likes to be on my lap which, right now, just can’t happen. I’m going out to see them today and I’m going to talk to Lori, the owner of the kennel. Last night it occurred to me that if they are there until after my 6 weeks appt with my surgeon (June 20), it sucks but not as much as my losing all this good work. And they’ll come home and things will be a lot more normal at that point. And, I think they’ll get over it.

      What I find infuriating and humiliating about 45’s attacks on the press is that people would rather believe him than a large phalanx of responsible, educated, objective men and women whose ONE job is to inform the public about what’s going on. Old 45 could do whatever he wanted and it wouldn’t matter if no one believed him. I keep hoping to wake up some morning finding he’s retired from life, but…

  2. Ongoing progress is great. Managing the time in between and getting things accomplished is the daily “grind” of things. I know because I have to find new ways to accomplish many things in the course of my day when I find something is too difficult to do.

  3. Keep Making healthy decisions and glad you found your check.

    As for 45, it just boggles the mind and I have such a hard time believing that anyone believes this dude.

    Healthy choices on a local level, making connections and remembering to vote is my coping strategy of the moment as well

  4. The creative part of your brain takes over..amazing what can be accomplished when you think you are stuck. Depressed….I know I was for about 4 months when I was going through my surgeries a couple years ago. And then ever so gradually the clouds shifted and “I” slowly came back. I think your body has to go through this, Martha….you’ll be good. But it bums he to hear about Bear and Dusty. The love fest is gonna be great when the come back home, though!

    • I went to visit them today and they are VERY happy where they are. The didn’t care that I was there at all. I’ll visit them every week but I’m glad they’re happy, feel loved and cared for. I feel loved and cared for, too. It’s a thing we’re going through, as you say. My body is in charge right now and that’s fine. I need to walk my dogs. ❤

  5. Love the iris picture (and color – I need to find that one). Lots to think about in this post. I agree on so many levels about our gubmint and him. Glad you are being smart about healing. Time passes much more quickly for dogs; they’ll understand.

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