I Might not have Won, but I’m Still the Big Winner!

A month or more ago I learned that “I’m a Writer, Yes, I Am!” had been nominated for “Best Overall Blog” by an organization that I had never heard of! Wow, what? Yeah, there are contests and awards here on WordPress, mostly designed to involve new bloggers. Now I have been at this for five years (what?), I pretty much avoid them. At first I thought this was that, but it isn’t. 🙂

The category for which my little blog was nominated is described:


Who is the blogger that excels in a variety of categories? Who provides excellent content, is sociable and engaging with readers, shares other posts, or has a writing style that keeps you coming back time and time again?

Whoever you choose needs to be an all-rounder. A blogger that is head and shoulders above the rest as that’s what makes the Best Overall Blogger.

The thing is, I don’t take this blog — or writing a blog in general — very seriously. It’s been the rope out of a dark hole during some life changes; it’s been the “write every day” thing when I was stuck on the latest exciting installment of the lives and history of my Mennonite ancestors; it’s been a place to meet people and to learn things. I’ve written short stories I wouldn’t otherwise have written. I’ve had a blast serializing some of them. AND Lamont and Dude are always fun to write. It’s been a way to enjoy my one blessed, holy, delicious, incomparable, sacred cup of coffee in the morning. It’s something I do and have done just “for fun.”

The nomination couldn’t have come at a better time — as the day for hip surgery approached my apprehension grew. Having this in the background, and doing the activities that went with it, reading other blogs, promoting my own, promoting others, was so good for me to have just at this moment.

The awards were given out today in England. The upshot is that I was invited to a party in another country. I watched bits of it on Facebook and I think I would have had a really good time with the people I saw in the videos. Anyway, thank you whoever for this gift that has been a wonderful thing for me at this juncture in time. It was truly an honor and  all the more so because it was a complete surprise.

The categories and the winners are here. 🙂

13 thoughts on “I Might not have Won, but I’m Still the Big Winner!

  1. They wouldn’t let me vote more than once either, Martha:0((. I loved your looking at blogging as a “rope out of a dark hole”. It is perfect, and I get it. They had a blogger bash while the royal wedding was going on! What fun!

  2. First of all, congratulations on your nomination, Martha! You definitely deserve the recognition. What a crazy month leading up to the Bash! I was actually feeling a little relieved after the voting window had closed. I, like you, had fun watching snippets of the bash. Maybe someday we can head over to the U.K. and partake. 🙂

  3. Affirmation is always gratifying. But finding a way through the darker side of life makes writing a blog a life saver!

    Congratulations and I’m only sorry you couldn’t hop a plane to England to attend the celebration!

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