“You have such a pretty face”

As for thin, I’m not. I have been a couple of times in my life (very, very, very bad times in my life), but generally, I’ve always been what you might call “solid,” a compact, little person with a high specific gravity. I think the original design was for a mountain dwelling, trail navigating, sheep and goat following humanoid.

But… “You have such a pretty face. It’s too bad you’re so fat. ”

Too bad“? Not hardly. I’m probably so gorgeous that IF I had had the ideal body along with “such a pretty face” no other women would have had a chance in the romance lottery. Ha ha.

The times in which we live have brought this thing called “body image” up to the front of our attention in the form of an actual “movement.” I think that’s really strange. The same people who say that judging a book by its cover is superficial and wrong want to change the way their covers are judged. I truly can’t wrap my head around it. The goal (in my opinion) should be health and ability. Beauty is transitory and subjective. Never in my adolescent dreams did I imagine a big butt would be considered beautiful.

So, I dunno. It’s all the zeitgeist, really, that ineffable, constantly changing, whimsical, mysterious force that drives fashion.

Hip Surgery Update: The swelling has gone down a LOT. I’ve stopped using the oxygen (got a finger oxygen meter so I know it’s OK), my wonderful friend is finally getting her freedom from Martha’s Hospital and heading back to her family. I had physical therapy yesterday (here at home), and my therapist helped me get up on the bike-to-no-where though I can’t really pedal yet. He is going to help me walk the dogs when they come home. Thursday’s mission for physical therapy is helping me learn to get behind the wheel of my car. The only problem is that my car is in the garage and my restrictions make it impossible for me to open the garage door. But once the car’s out, it’ll stay there, I guess. Lois and I went out to visit Dusty and Bear yesterday afternoon and I was so happy to see them. ❤ They’re doing very well and getting lots of care from Lori, the kennel owner, who really loves them.


1 Bear and me at Noah's Arff

“I miss you, Bear.”



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  1. I have been very fat, frighteningly thin, and mostly, like you, in between. The kind of woman you hitch to the plow when the horse needs a day off. Except for the spine thing. Not that long ago I was apologizing to my doctor — who has put on a few pounds lately himself — about my weight and he looked at me and pointed out that the only one complaining about my weight was me.

    I realized he was right. NO one complains about it and since the breast surgery when they stuffed me full of strange chemicals and my metabolism went away and never came back, I’ve been more or less back to where I usually was — solid. Everyone seems glad enough that I’m alive and I look a damned sight healthier than i did when I looked like a concentration camp victim. Too thin turns out to be just as unattractive (maybe more so) than a big hefty.

    We live with too many visions of Barbie and models and clothing that can ONLY be worn by very tall, thin women. We really ARE fine. The world is screwed.

  2. I was never short and fat, or even short. I was just tall and as thin as they come. It was only after having the kids that my figure began to fill out (in the wrong places). I really do not care, the main thing is my independence and that I still have.

  3. Love the picture of you and Bear. Precious. I have the same frustration over why we must judge each other by our covers. I wonder sometimes if it is instinctual and therefore difficult to re-wire.

    • I think it’s instinctual that’s why I just don’t care. I think we’re wired to look for a likely “mate” according to some inscrutable formula in our animal natures.

  4. So glad you are feeling better and that you got a visit with your dogs, who are doing well in their temporary lodgings.

    Thin. My mother was a naturally tall and very thin person, and she didn’t like it. One brother of the 4 of us got that build. He hated it for a while and did body building as a teen. Now he’s accepted it and enjoys being a distance runner and biker.
    The rest of us, well we are sturdy built, durable folk. And the longer I live, the more grateful I become for durability and good function. Looks and fashions pass.

    • Definitely. My neighbor’s husband is a tall, thin man and he can do a lot of things with that light frame, but he also has problems gaining weight which has been problematic for him from time to time. The grass is always greener somewhere. I’ve always been happy with my little body and it’s 28 inch “pistons” (legs)

  5. Thank you for the updates! Wonderful that life is moving on in the right direction. No more oxygen, you are able to get around and the pooches are coming home! Awesome stuff!

  6. Medical Update: Sounds good. That damn bike. I could pedal, but not a complete revolution. When that happened? I cried in ecstasy! I found that the greatest challenge, next to the knee bending to 135 degrees. After that? Piece of cake! Best wishes!

  7. The look in the dogs’ eyes. “You came back!”

    PS. I’ve been trying to decide on which C19 novels to read. I was pleased to find that I’ve actually read more than I thought I had. But I haven’t read “My Brilliant Career”. Published in 1901. Close enough, right?

    • Bear was so happy. She jumped up on me (the fence) for the first time ever. Tomorrow in physical therapy we’re going to practice getting into the car. I don’t think I can have them here until next week, but maybe. The kennel owner took another $100 off the cost. It’s insane, but she truly loves those dogs especially Dusty T. Dog. She actually has a big, black dog that looks a lot like him.

      I loved My Brilliant Career. When the film came out in the 70s my friends said, “It’s about YOU!!!” I went to see it and I cried and cried. Then I got the book. Miles Franklin created a heroine (or was such a heroine) that was at that moment making the same choices (hard ones) I was making in my own life. The poverty and drought of the farm life reminded me of my mom’s stories of growing up in Montana in the Depression. The character is just great. It might be my favorite “coming of age” novel (except the ones I’ve written ha ha). 🙂

      • I saw the film when I was in my teens, but I’ve not read the book. About time I did. Of course, I was a true story, and Miles Franklin was a she.

        What’s not to like about Dusty T. Those sad eyes and grey whiskers really pull the heart strings. 😉

        • Dusty is a real love, but most people get carried away by Bear’s beauty and don’t see the sweetness of that barky black dog at all. I’m really happy Lori does. ❤

  8. The photo of you and Bear…. ❤ So happy you are doing better, Martha. Actually, I think you are doing great!

    • Thank you!!! I feel great! My only “suffering” is general discomfort, thrush in my mouth as a result of all the antibiotics, the compression stockings, and the fact my brain is still kind of strange (in a different way, ha ha). All this is temporary and every day is a little better. ❤

  9. Did you take down your Thursday post? I recall reading it earlier, not having time to respond, and now its gone. Pretty sure it involved PJs and the threat of strangulation.

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