Retroactive DNA Specificity (What?)

A few years ago I wanted to know my pedigree. When Groupon offered a discount on a fly-by-night-marginally-accurate DNA test, I jumped at the chance.

I learned from it that I am 18% Native American. Because I’m a research kind of person, I had to figure that out. It seemed that the similarity between Northern, Northern, Northern Scandinavian DNA and Native American DNA sometimes yielded this result. Reindeer or Wapiti? I’m good with chasing ungulates across ANY region of the frozen north.

Left with more questions than answers about my pedigree, I forked out MORE money, this time to Ancestry, to get a clearer picture. Why? Because, at the time, it seemed to matter. Now?

Well there are just those times in life you want that $100 back.

Having invested the money in order to get pretty maps and charts explaining what I already knew, it has been kind of fun watching the whole DNA/ancestry thing evolve. Since I went into this looking for Swiss ancestry in particular (because of my novels) I was a little disappointed when, originally, all I got was a vague gesture toward Southern Europe. Ancestry keeps updating its ancestry stuff as they learn more. Today (in my relentless search for a compelling featured photo) I saw the latest changes and they pleased me. Switzerland is now on the map as is the migration of the Schneebelis which is, ultimately, all that matters. πŸ˜‰

Hip Replacement Update: Doc ordered muscle relaxer for spasms, but the pharmacy didn’t get the prescription yesterday. Still, last night went much better thanks to Percocet. There is a lot of swelling with this surgery, mostly on the operated leg, but all over. It has been slowing diminishing. The best thing is that every single day, something is better than the day before. I think I might actually be able to drive to my staple-removing doc appt. next week.

14 thoughts on “Retroactive DNA Specificity (What?)

  1. I never really wanted to know my DNA. I traced a section back to France on my maternal grandfather’s side and also discovered that my maiden name Relf also has connections with Normandy in France. Operation swelling is a problem. I know my knee had pain for at least a month after the operation, but one day you wonder what the problem actually was. I set myself a goal, every week to do something I could no longer do, and it worked. I wish you all the best, but gradually you body will win I am sure.

    • Yeah, the DNA is really pretty irrelevant ultimately. You cannot do anything with it. Things are getting better all the time with me physically. As long as I can sleep things are OK, actually. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah. I didn’t learn anything from my DNA I hadn’t already learned from my family tree research. In fact, I learned MORE from my family tree research. It’s kind of funny, really. And I did all the family tree research without caring AT ALL about my family tree (and I still don’t). I just had questions to answer. Then I learned they weren’t questions at all. I already knew the answers. πŸ˜€

  2. Surgery is like that. And it gets better in leaps. Bad day, bad day, bad day … then, suddenly a MUCH better day. I’ve gone from nearly dead to “pack up, you’re going home” in 24 hours which is pretty dizzying. Our bodies are amazing, Painful, but still amazing πŸ˜€ You’re getting there.

    It’s just not a smooth kind of curve. It’s sort of lumpy and bumpy and sometimes, strange.

  3. I did a DNA many years back and didn’t find it terribly enlightening, although I was surprised to discover a lot more scandinavian than anticipated (probably invaded the british isles). would like to look at the results again, don’t know if I still have them.

    With your generalized swelling and its resolution, I would imagine that the breathing will also improve, and supplemental oxygen need will diminish. Here’s to sleep and healing!

  4. Sleep is so very important, Martha. My surgeon had a funny way of putting it: “You will feel like you were hit by a Mack truck. Then the second week is better than the first and the third week is better than the second.” He didn’t want to get my hopes up in days. But he was right.

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