A Tree

Right now the forest along my street is blooming. It’s really lovely. My job at this point is to take walks in the forest whenever possible. This is me the day after I got home from surgery doing my “climb”.


I have now done the walk assisted only by my cane (and my friend). Today I hope to do more. I have had almost no pain since the first day and I’m happy for that as I don’t like taking opiates, though at night they’re helpful.

My forest has been navigating the complexities of this, from the recognition of the problem, to accepting the inevitable, to finding a doctor, to prepping for the adventure, to the adventure — all a big forest.

And, maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to change the subject…



34 thoughts on “A Tree

  1. It’s useful information, Martha, for all of us. Everyone is or knows someone who will need this surgery. One of the best things is seeing people now able to live with much less pain and better able to do the things they like to do again. You’re doing incredibly well for so soon after.

    I like your analogy (if that’s what it is….) of things like this being a forest. Very apt to describe the experience of making your way through something so unfamiliar and daunting. Enjoyed the The Cure song!

    • I do think unknown complicated things make a kind of forest. Stuff happens and you don’t know how significant it will be or how permanent. I’m on oxygen now and I do NOT want that to be a permanent thing. I got sent home with a giant, pink foam thing with velcro straps. I thought it to ensure that I sleep on my back but it’s mean to let me sleep on my side without getting my legs in the wrong (dangerous) position. Maybe this is more than a forest; maybe it’s a jungle! πŸ˜€

  2. Oh Martha, forgive me if I laughed, but I see me in you at the moment. OK I do have a luxury walker with platform to sit on and a compartment for carrying my bag with the cameras and various other computer accessories, but I am walking the same way, Although my walks are more in a wheelchair, but at home it is me, going from room to room if I have luggage to take with me. Otherwise the sticks does it as well and sometimes free style. These things come to pass eventually. The last four months have flown past for me and you will also forget this evetually. Make a few photos to remind you and I just love those sexy stockings. I am sure it will be a new fashion.

  3. Lovely pics, wonderful song choice, Martha. I just challenged you because I know you don’t have anything better to do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaahh! I’m glad you’re up & about today.

  4. You’re amazing! It’s only been 4 days, and there you are walking around the neighborhood! Next you need to go on a speaking tour, talking about the effect of attitude on healing, or some such thing!

      • It seems counter-intuitive that if you cut through strong muscles they heal more easily, but that’s how we are! The bike to nowhere, and the walking with the dogs all helped, as did your strong attitude. You’ll soon be out on long walks with the dogs!

      • With minimally invasive hip replaceent, no muscles are cut. That’s why I wanted it so badly. Basically, I’m just dealing with a large (4 inch) flesh wound. The first orthopedic surgeon I saw back in January did not do this procedure. That’s why this has taken so long to get worked out. But it’s OK. I wasn’t suffering a lot and my research clearly showed me which was better for me. I”m on oxygen — which I don’t like — but hopefully that too shall pass. πŸ™‚

      • I clearly have not had to research the minimally invasive procedure! I hope the oxygen will be temporary — you’re doing great, and I can’t wait to see you out with the dogs!

  5. Absolutely wonderful to see you out and about! and that lovely smile upon your face says it all! I know we aren’t close friends, but I’m completely happy and delighted all went well and you are in no pain! How spectacular is that?!

  6. You are looking great on your stroll though the forest!
    Lace topped ted hose–take the pleasures where you find them. Decorating potential that hadn’t occurred to me. Another way to mess with your PT.

  7. Lookin’ great, Martha! Lace top hose, eh? Keep those neighbors talking. πŸ™‚ How soon before Bear and Dusty get to see their mom?

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