The bright eyes of a black and white dog are looking at me like, “Those were good. Can I have another one?” She’s “speaking” of rawhide sticks. My friend arrived with her sidekick and travel pal, Shoey T Dog (the smartest dog I know) yesterday, and later on today we’re heading back up to Colorado Springs. At the moment I’m savoring my coffee and a normal morning.

But it isn’t really normal. I have to turn the water on outside since now my watering days are Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. I have to pack up the dogs and take them to the kennel. I have to pack up myself and go to Colorado Springs. And the thing that’s ahead of me is something I don’t really WANT to do; it’s a thing I want DONE. The good thing is I won’t know anything’s going on while it’s happening and afterwards it’ll be too late to go back.

Yesterday we all went for a walk at the slough — it was HOT! Huh??? This time last year we had snow and the blossoms on the apple trees froze off. No apples in Monte Vista in 2017. But now they’re blooming their hearts out. My friend took a photo of me and I saw how much benefit I’ve gotten from my physical therapy leading up to my surgery. I’m standing up STRAIGHT. My longer leg is not so drastically bent to compensate. I was happy to see this and it makes me optimistic about the future. And, pain or not, I walk a lot better, a lot more evenly. It’s easy to get discumaged and think things are hopeless, meanwhile, it seems, your body is ignoring you and doing what it can to right itself — with your help.

Me 05:05:2018

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and thoughtfulness as I’ve wrestled with all this over the past months. I’ve appreciated the moral support, advice and kindness. ❤

I’ll post again sometime after it’s all over. I’m only taking my phone up there with me.





16 thoughts on “Bubble?

  1. I wish you well, happiness, a quick and speedy, meaning healthy healing progress. Love to you and both pets who will miss you greatly and will eagerly await your return. As do we! Your a special one, Martha. I enjoy you and can’t wait until your back and blogging, inviting us into your life and thoughts. xoxoxo All the best!!

  2. Wishing you the best, both in the surgery and afterwards. I’m anxious to hear that you, Dusty, and Bear are out romping in the fields again, and that all that physical therapy was as worth it as your optimism in this post indicates!

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