This is a lovely post from a group of bloggers who call themselves “The Dihedral.” I love their blog.

My days in nature are changing because time takes a toll on all of us, and my body’s wearing out. The trails and hills of my future will be different from those of my past. It’s (kind of) OK because I’m different, too.

BUT… god willing, earth and its beauty are eternal. I love this blog because its writers are young people who love doing what I have always loved doing. It’s heartening and inspiring to me that they are there, writing, questioning life, contending with the crises of the moment in life when we’re holding up the sky AND they are writing, hiking, climbing, thinking, teaching.

They describe themselves as:

“A team of writers, artists, scholars, and professionals, who share an endearing devotion to “the outdoors”. Friends who share a warmth and predilection for mother nature and the possibilities she presents to us all. Our mutual interests in rock climbing, hiking, writing, and exploring brought us to The Dihedral, and we hope you find our eccentric little “corner” of the community just as inviting as we do.”

This — written by a young single mom — is a good reminder about what’s best in life (besides a hill).


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  1. You’re right. It is a beautiful essay about living life to the fullest in a complicated world. Few have expressed that joie de vivre so well.

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