6 thoughts on “Thank You!!!

  1. They are not really my thing, but I enjoyed every one of them, especially those about the reform movement of the Swiss church. I now understand it a lot better. I also know now how to make the most of a hike when I go, seeing things in more detail. Your books are really good and deserve every success.

  2. Reblogged this on Reflections of An Untidy Mind and commented:
    Dear Readers, if you enjoy reading historical fiction and memoirs, I would like to commend Martha Kennedy’s books to you:
    • Martin of Gfenn
    • Savior
    • The Brothers Path, and
    • My Everest – Thirty Years of San Diego Hiking with Dogs.
    I have reviewed two of Martha’s books previously.
    I am re-blogging a thank you issued by Martha Kennedy to readers of her books. Links to the books are on Martha’s website.
    Why do I re-blog a thank you? Because I enjoyed the two books I’ve read so far. And, because it is hard enough being a writer, let alone writer, editor, publisher and publicist all in one.

    Kind Regards

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