A Real Prize? Vote for Me Please!

It’s a sign! I got up this morning and found comments on my blog. I learned from them that my blog has been nominated for a fairly legit award, The Annual Bloggers Bash Award for Best Overall Blog.

I’d love some votes and you can vote here.

In other news, I spent my two days of not writing the Daily Prompt working on The Schneebelis Go to America. It’s the first time I’ve printed and read my work. I wanted to wait until I had an ending I could get behind (ha ha). To my total surprise, I love it. It still has a fair ways to go, but it’s a good story. Best of all, it doesn’t seem to have many typos. It’s about 10,000 words too short to be a serious contender for conventional publication. I am not sure I’ll pursue that, but I hate to knock it out of the running completely.

In other news, my last remaining aunt, Aunt Jo, is now in hospice care in Billings, MT. She’s 95. It’s a situation in which one wishes they could do with a person as was done with Mindy T. Dog, but Montana doesn’t have a law allowing that, so…

Anyway, I think I’ll continue to “eschew” the daily prompt for a while and just post when I feel I have something to day. I think The Schneebelis need the quiet hour or two in the morning that has been given to the Daily Prompt, even when it’s one of my favorite words, as it is today.



22 thoughts on “A Real Prize? Vote for Me Please!

  1. Congratulations on the nomination — and good luck! I’m so glad you like the novel and will continue working on it, but also glad that you will continue to blog when you have things to say! I am sorry to hear about your aunt, though I hope the end comes easily for her.

  2. Well congrats, Martha. Gotta love the irony. You’ve been voted for.
    Happy writing with the Schneebelis, and best wishes to your Aunt for the smoothest exit journey possible.

    • Thank you. I owe my aunt so much, but she knows my gratitude. I wish MT had our law, but it doesn’t. At least now (she’s 95 and suffering advanced dementia) she’s going to be allowed to go. ❤

      • And even in Colorado, if she is not conscious enough to articulate her choice and take the meds herself, she wouldn’t qualify. There’s very excellent hospice and end of life care in MT, some of the country’s leading docs are based there.

      • That’s very good to know. My Aunt Dickie (who died in November) was an RN and volunteered at the hospice in Billings for many years after she retired from nursing. They are wonderful people. I know my Aunt Jo is in the best care right now. I just wish there were a Mindy shot.

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