Spring REALLY Is Here — Quotidian Ramblings 45.1.6c

Just now, Dusty and Bear ran frantically back and forth along the fenced hedge, barking a warning toward the alley in what used to be a pretty nice garden/yard. I don’t know what the future holds for that space, but I know it will be me vs. Bear’s digging skills, me vs. caterpillars, me vs. aphids. Yes. it’s a war zone.

The one thing my house is missing is a nice place to hang outside. It just isn’t pleasant anywhere in my yard. I miss that. I think of building a deck, I think of this and that, but the fact is, one yard is on the alley, the front yard is on a highway, and the other yard is inconvenient and is a dog yard. I’d really like a quiet little patio where my wifi might reach and where I might sit and write (yet another) great American novel (about Switzerland). It just doesn’t exist here. I don’t know if it could…

The handyman continues his battle against the gargantuan lilac hedge. He’s made incredible progress in the last two days. It’s going to be interesting for me to see the differences that transpire without that 12 foot barrier there — maybe the wind won’t blow rain straight at my garage any more. There is GREAT mulch at the bottom of these guys for anyone who could use it — but no one needs it. Mulch is more common than people in Monte Vista.

In other news, through the Facebook page for The Brothers Path I was contacted by a “Schneebeli” (Snavely), a distant cousin. That was pretty cool.

Otherwise, we’re adjusting to life without our fluffy friend and preparing for the next trip to Colorado Springs to see the surgeon in a week or so.


12 thoughts on “Spring REALLY Is Here — Quotidian Ramblings 45.1.6c

  1. I love lilacs but didn’t realize they can literally take over. I’m hoping you find that little niche in which to create a lovely little spot to relax on. Where there’s a will, there’s a way? If all else fails, some sort of privacy screen sweet peas growing in a multitude of colours? something to blot out the highway and noise

  2. I do ope you can find a space to enjoy your yard outside — maybe as the lilac hedge grows back it will provide a barrier to the alley?

    • I have a big hedge along the alley. This one that’s been cut down is between my neighbor’s driveway and mine. There really is no space out there for me that isn’t noisy or dusty. A deck could help, maybe. 🙂 Anyway, the side yard (the only possibility) is a nice place for a garden. Maybe I should just amplify my wifi, buid a deck and wear earphones! 🙂

  3. Our deck is pleasant for the 8 seconds before whatever insect wants to eat us arrives. Mosquitoes and gnats and hornets and wasps. And for the past two years, Gypsy Moth caterpillars. The outside isn’t the way we remember it as kids. I’m pretty sure the bugs were always there. Maybe we didn’t care, back then.

  4. I have the same problem with the garden. I would like a nice restful space. I like my doggy friends. Ah, my wishes seem to be incompatible.

    We had a lilac. It was only ever a stick.

    Maybe you could get a hammock and rise above it all.

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