The Morning After…

Yesterday morning was frantic and sad. This morning calm and a little disoriented. I appreciate all the kind thoughts yesterday. They really did help. I know everyone who’s loved a dog knows what it’s like to lose one.

Bear is having a hard time — partly, I think, because she hates change to her routine. As a livestock guardian dog, she has to make sure everything and everyone in her world is fine and where they’re supposed to be. Mindy is supposed to be outside the front door right now, but she is not. Bear is worried. I think it will take her a few days to get used to it. She wouldn’t eat her breakfast until I put Mindy’s bowl back on the floor. Last evening, she wanted to jump up on the sofa (Mindy’s place) but didn’t. She slept on it in the night, though.

Dusty was close by me all day yesterday, but now he’s back to his usual places. That should help Bear calm down. Yesterday we took a walk on the golf course — still snow covered with frost on the trees.


It was beautiful, then I returned to cleaning. A dying dog makes messes, but that is now pretty much done, too.

The photo above is Mindy coming into our house the afternoon of the first night we stayed here in October 2014. We both slept on the sofa. Sometime — after the hip surgery and all the other events looming ahead of me — another dog will show up. I’m sure of it. ❤

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  1. I was very sad when I read you blogs yesterday, but it is the shadow side of having a pet. I lost two cats within 2 years and now only have Tabby. I remember that she was somehow searching for Nera when she left us. They were always together when they came to us and were litter sisters.

  2. I am sure another dog will show up. You’re right. They always do. In the meantime, grieve and be sorrowful but know you gave her as good a life as anyone anywhere could have given her.

  3. Disorienting is the word I resonate with in this situation. Sad, too, of course but it’s the disruption of routines and patterns that is so unsettling. Glad to hear that some of the routines are normalizing and that you, bear, and Dusty all got out for a walk this morning. Best healing wishes to you all!💐❤️☀️❄️

  4. First, I have to comment on the beautiful photo. Really gorgeous. A missed presence is felt for a time amid a mixture of memories and it’s touching to know the other pooches had a place in their heart for Mindy too.

  5. I`m so sorry for your loss. In reading your posts, I know that Mindy will be sadly missed. They are certainly called Man`s Best Friend for a reason. Although there is always a hole that is never filled, I hope you find comfort in your memories.

  6. Oh, Martha–this is so sad. Poor Bear. I know another dog will find you and Bear will teach her or him the joys of being one of Martha’s dogs. Much love.

    • We took a walk this afternoon and it was beautiful. Bear is starting to accept this as normal. I was finally able to put Mindy’s dish away. I think it helps that I’m a lot less upset today an I am not washing everything. Mindy’s last hours were pretty messy. 😦 ❤ Big hugs to you and Parker from all of us.

  7. Maybe making some angels in the snow would help Bear.

    I am relieved we have three dogs now. The two girls and are only two months apart in age. The puppy is 4 years younger. I think it helps with adjusting to the death of a beloved pet, because the two remaining dogs still have each other. I hope it is the same for Bear and Dusty.

    • Bear made a HUGE snow angel on the golf course the day I put Mindy to sleep, and then, later, another one. Yesterday we took a beautiful walk. She’s fine today. I’m not — I tried to give Dusty a piece of banana and he looked at me like, “Are you nuts?” but I wasn’t quite awake yet and Mindy always got a piece of banana when I made my smoothie in the morning. I also realized last night that if I get another dog — and I will because I don’t think dogs should ever be only dogs and Dusty is 12 — it’ll be another big white llivestock guardian dog. Their energy level is right for me and I like their independence and sweet natures. 🙂

  8. This is the tough part. The sacrifice we make to love animals. It seems to me that you loved Mindy so well and she had a grand life and a kind death. I’m certain that when the time is right, she will send another dog your way. Dogs are like that. Blessings on you and your hearting heart. (and Dusty and Bear)

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