Gray Day in Heaven

Not much in the mood for writing about “quartets” this morning. Mindy is very ill. I’ve called the vet and someone is coming out either to help me transport Mindy or maybe even the vet will come and examine her here. I can’t lift her up into my car. When she can stand on her own two feet, we do it together, but she can’t. She staggers and falls. She’s disoriented and scared.

My philosophy with old old dogs (and Mindy is one) is not to force them to live when they can’t do anything, are suffering and in pain. The outcome could be that Mindy gets to see her friend Lily later on. I don’t know.


UPDATE: The vet said Mindy probably had a massive stroke, very likely in her sleep before I got her up to pee last night before going to bed and another one this morning. She had no use of her back legs at all, could not find her food bowl and couldn’t find me. The vet tech came and got her, and I went down after them. I held Mindy close to me the whole time, and all she knew at the end was that I was there and that I love her. I’m very sad, but I know it was right. As the vet said, “This is a very old dog. She must have been well cared for and loved very much to live so long.”

60 thoughts on “Gray Day in Heaven

  1. Oh Martha, I am sooo sorry. Like you, I am in the quality over quantity camp, and making the decision, if that is what is needed, is agonizing every time. Best wishes to you and Mindy, and my hope is that its something easily treated. Love and peace to all.

  2. So sorry to read this — Mindy has been a great friend, and you will miss her. I’m glad she went quickly, and I’m glad that you can see her with Lily, playing with the other dogs!

  3. So glad that you were able to be with her all the way through. Best healing wishes to you. Mindy’s fine now. For you, I imagine that it will take a while.

  4. So sorry for your loss. Even though we know they are old and expect it; we never really expect it. Your loss was sudden. May peace find you and fill you soon.. We lost our schnauzer this summer; it still hurts.

    • Thank you. I’m just happy Mindy had only a short time to suffer and be frightened, but I know I’m going to miss her for a long time. ❤ I'm sorry you lost your dog — it DOES hurt!!

  5. 😦 I’m so sorry Martha, I’m happy Mindy had a life filled with love with you. 💗

    • She will! Their Heaven is GREAT and everyone finds everyone and has a great time. It’s just strange — this is the first time I’ve sat on my sofa in this house without Mindy. Bear’s thought about it, but doesn’t jump up. 😦 ❤

  6. I am sending you a virtual hug while applauding your strength. I know I’ll do the same for my dog when it’s time, but I will be a sobbing mess for weeks/months after. I’m so sorry. I know they are furry angels.

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