In contrast to people in New England, here at 7600 feet in the San Luis Valley of  Colorado, we’ve had a micro-winter. Almost NO snow. It’s been incredibly warm (topping 40 in January, normally the coldest month) and the fifties from there on out. Yesterday I went out and “thatched” the lawn which means raking up dead grass and leaves preparing the lawn of the future. Since I don’t like yard work or lawn mowing the long term objective didn’t make me quiver with anticipation.

David — local handyman — and his son, Dominic, cut down 2/3 of a fifteen foot high, 30 feet long, lilac hedge between my driveway and my neighbor’s.

My little spring garden was doing well, though, and I appreciated her efforts. I’ve watered her all winter so the bulbs would have something to grown on. I have a fairy garden because my step-daughter-in-law — with whom I’m close — and I live far apart so we both have the same fairy house which resembles my house in the mountains of California. I painted the roof of my fairy house red to make it even more similar.


And then…

This morning…


Three inches so far and still coming down. 🙂

If you otice the fairy garden’s fence, and it amuses you, this might be what you need to hear this morning:

32 thoughts on “Spring!!!!

  1. Love the fairy house! And yes, we are having “springtime in the rockies” We got about 4 inches before it stopped, and apparently a rerun is do tomorrow. Stay warm–and good timing on your yard cleanup, it will like the moisture.

  2. Don’t worry, the crocus will return, they are waiting beneath the snow for the next chance. It happened here and they are back again, hand in hand with the hyacinths- At least Bear must be happy.

  3. I pity you your three inches.

    Or I would if I weren’t still frozen solid under three FEET of snow.

    But the fairy house is lovely. Just lovely 🙂

    • It’s still coming down so maybe we’ll get four inches. One can always hope. It’s too bad the fairies left their boots outside! They’re stuck indoors, again.

  4. Love the fairy house and i’m a fan of spring over winter, but i’m glad you finally had your fair share of snow! 🙂 Enjoy! What crazy weather… nature going loco, as they say

  5. It sounds like our spring rains finally reached your area! We had less than 1/3 of our normal rainfall before last week — now it’s up to about 1/2 of normal! Glad you finally have some snow for the dogs to play in — but it’s time for spring to appear! Love the fairy house!

  6. The weather never ceases to surprise me. I’m hoping we’ve finally come to the end of the winter blows … but apparently, you’ve picked up on of our spares 🙂

    • We get most of our winter moisture in March, so this isn’t completely crazy. What’s crazy is it’s the first real storm we’ve had since October. Bear is exhausted. 😀

  7. Oooo, snow! (Wistful sigh). Nothing here at all. I seeded my veggie garden a couple days ago.

    Beautiful fairy house and spring blossoms!

  8. AH! Snow! Same thing happened here. Flowers had begun popping up, my garlic had spouted, the pasture was greening up and then BAM- 2 feet of snow. Maddening. Hope your little flowers make it!

    • Some will some won’t at least it’s not cold we have had no measurable precipitation since October so they’re all probably happy 🌹🌷🌸🌼🌺🥀💐

  9. A neighbor two blocks down has a fairy garden much like yours, but his fairy house isn’t as charming as yours. However, i keep an eye on his garden because that’s usually where the first bulbs flower in Craig. Your California fairy house is marvelous. Did it sadden you to leave it? Our temperature made it to 29 yesterday and has achieved a delightful 47 today. And we haven’t had snow for a week. Things are looking up.

      • I was sure it was a difficult step for you. I really like the enlarged picture of the fairy house at the top of your blog. I hadn’t noticed the little boots or stockings hanging on the fence.

      • There’s an old Black Sabbath song, “Fairies Wear Boots” and when I saw that fence with the boots on it at the garden shop, I about died laughing. I got one for my step-daughter-in-law but sent it to my stepson who, when he was a kid, was crazy about heavy metal. It took him a minute to figure out why I’d send him a fairy garden thing, but I guess when he got it he actually rolled on the floor laughing. 🙂

  10. Everyone must have a fairy garden. I love yours. I also love your California house. It looks very Hansel and Gretelish…. I made a fairy mosaic once. Her little face didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted because the features were so small. I’m going to make another one eventually.

    I like the look of snow. My dogs have only seen snow once and they loved it. That might convince me to love it too.

  11. Beautiful photos. Thank you. Spring comes surely also to here to my country. We snow even in the south (Helsinki) on the ground but roads bare.

    Have a good day!

  12. Very scenic, especially in the snow! We don’t get much of it in the UK, but twice in the last month we’ve had (relative to us) heavy snow – caused quite a few disruptions and cancellations, but I always find a way to enjoy it 😀

      • Yes, the “Beast from the East” (as dubbed by our media) brought us to a standstill twice. I reckon its going to be more common in the next few years so we need to do a better job of being prepared for it!

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