Help (again!)

A couple things regarding My Everest. 

TYPOS: I was alerted to small errors in the Kindle edition that I fixed in the print edition. This morning I uploaded a revision, so if you’re WAITING for the latest MODEL to read the Kindle version of this little book, it’s there! It’s $3, you can loan it to a friend for two weeks, and it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

I’m only in it for the money, clearly. The paper version is $7.00.

REVIEWS: If you’ve read it — and liked it — and wouldn’t mind posting a review on Amazon, I’d be very grateful. With 10 reviews, Amazon will promote the book which will mean people who might enjoy it can find it more easily. You don’t have to write a lot. Something as brief as “I really enjoyed this” is great.

Here’s a link if you want to post a review on Amazon.

Here’s a link if you want to post a review on Goodreads:

Thank you!!!!


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