El Barquero Grande and the Girls

Dusty had a great time at day care yesterday. He was in a kennel next to another black barky dog and apparently they barked at each other all day. It’s hard to know if it was for fun or for malice, but when I picked up the dogs, they were all outside in the play yard.

I think they had a good day. Dusty and Bear were both exhausted and Mindy? Mindy was glad to be home. I don’t think it’s the best thing for her, but it isn’t the worst, either.


The kennel is new — opened just last year. It’s beautiful, and the woman who owns it and runs it truly LOVES dogs. Among the dogs hanging out there yesterday was an aged boxer who is blind and deaf. It appears when she came in the first time she went straight to the store room, so Lori, the owner, lets her stay there. It’s a quiet room with a northwest window. The boxer is a very sweet, responsive old dog. I think she and Mindy could share that room.

Other dogs, too. The young woman who works there brings her dog every day, and the dog is Bear’s best friend. There’s a tiny shit-tzu mix who’s prone to peeing on my shoe, but is also very sweet and funny. And yesterday my neighbor’s old basset was there. Most of the dogs are big dogs. There are two samoyeds who’ve been there a long time while their owner had surgery that ended up with complications. An old pyrenees. Yesterday the place was full — probably, partly, because of spring break.

I’m very happy their business is doing well. I really like the people who run it, it’s only 10 minutes from my house and my dogs are cared for and happy there.

The photo above is the view west from Noahs Arf. See the tiny rainbow? Well, it grew and grew and grew yesterday until it spanned the whole San Juan range. Among the topics my friend and I hit in our 3 or so hours on the road was god. She finally said, “So the San Luis Valley is your god?” and I said, “I guess so.” Not a faceless, inscrutable god at all, but a great, immense, wild, gorgeous god.


21 thoughts on “El Barquero Grande and the Girls

    • It’s nice — there are cages for the cats and it’s in a big room with two huge climbing toys for the cats. But Tabby, you might not like it so much since you’d have to be in a cage most of the time. You know how cats are good at escaping. And outside the door are d-o-g-s. The kitty in there yesterday looked a LOT like you but more golden in color with amber eyes.

  1. I wish I could find someplace to leave the dogs that I trust. Most of the places around here are pleasant enough, but the dogs are a business. My kids need affection, not just a daily walk and feeding.

    • I took Bear out there last week to pay for the last time they stayed. I wanted to see how she reacted to returning and to the people who work there. She was happy to see them, happy to walk in there with me, so I knew it was OK. I know they aren’t going to get what they get at home (which isn’t actually much) but I know they’re safe and loved. There was another pet owner there who met Bear and Dusty last time and they were very happy to see him. My neighbor’s dog, the basset, was happy to see me yesterday. I don’t know. We’re just a small community and the kennel is a big help to a lot of people, I think.

      • So far, Owen has been the keeper and that has worked out, but that’s just for a day or three. I don’t know if we wanted to go away for any longer, how it would work out. The kennels are also really really expensive. I think it would be cheaper to put them in a motel nearby.

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