Solipsistic Quotidian Update 43.2.7b.ii

Looks like a typical morning around the Casa di Martha and that’s all right with me. πŸ™‚ It’s been an exciting, beautiful, wondrous, amazing five days, and I’m glad to be here in the luminous world of the San Luis Valley with a little quiet time to sort things out.

Mostly I’m grateful. Yesterday I took a short walk in the WINDΒ with Dusty and Bear across the golf course and into the fields. I walked the way I remember walking; heel, toe, long strides, back (relatively) straight, looking around at the world instead of bent forward, looking at the ground. Definitely a different activity, but GREAT. Bear was perplexed! Dusty was happy because I wasn’t using the cane. He walks on my right, the “cane side,” and is blind in his left eye so we are BOTH paranoid about his being jabbed with the pointy tip of the hiking cane. I covered our 34 minute walk in a respectable 17 minutes — I know it’s not a race, but when you go out to walk, sometimes you want to see more. Sometimes the place you want to go is a ways away. Β I didn’t do more than we’re used to. I know I’m engaging different muscles in walking than I have been and they need to get stronger.

Thursday, the day I went to the doc, and came home with nothing but good news, I was dazzled, stunned. Then Lois and I took a walk with her dogs along Fountain Creek — 2 miles. No pain because of the novocaine in my hip from the cortisone shot. It was WONDERFUL to look around, to engage in a conversation, to enjoy the beauty of the day. I realized that this thing has probably been going on longer than I realized. I’ve just been slowly, unconsciously, adapting to its degeneration.

I’m now compiling not a bucket list, but a dream walk list of places in Colorado I will go when I can. First on the list is Lost Lake, though that may not happen until summer of 2019. There are nearby Anasazi ruins, trails with pictographs, waterfalls above the Sand Dunes, and miles and miles in “my” slough along the Rio Grande. Watch out mosquitoes.

20 thoughts on “Solipsistic Quotidian Update 43.2.7b.ii

  1. Glad your hip is functioning again, and I am sure that is as relief. I am there at the moment, but have to wait for my leg to mend. And keep walking. You have already found Everest so perhaps you might find the Matterhorn.

  2. Empowering! The ability to actually do something as simple and as complex as walk where you’d like to (like old times). I’m indeed happy and thrilled for you, Martha! Bright days ahead! This is but the beginning!!! woot

    • ❀ Thank you! I love that beach. The north end, near the jetty, is Dog Beach, and my pals and I spent so many happy hours there!!! Wave back, please.

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