Ghost Ranch

Back in the late 70s I discovered Georgia O’Keefe, learned about her life, sought her paintings and admired her very much. I am no longer that young woman, but I think of Georgia O’Keefe as kind of a hero. She found her place and did her thing. Right now, at 66, I think that’s heroic.

So, when my friend came down with the Airdyne, my new exercise bike from the 1970s in nearly pristine condition WITH racing stripes, we decided to go to Georgia O’Keefe land which is 2 hours and 20 minutes away more or less.



We stopped first in Abiquiu where O’Keefe lived — but her house and the painting exhibit that goes with it wasn’t open. We had a nice lunch and then headed further along to the Ghost Ranch, the setting of many of O’Keefe’s landscapes.



O’Keefe’s Painting and Correlative Landscape




Dormant Cholla Cactus


Honestly, I found it a little odd. Ghost Ranch was originally a dude ranch and now it’s kind of a religious retreat marries tourist attraction, but it was beautiful with many well preserved adobe buildings from the turn of the 19th century.

We drove back to Monte Vista over Cumbres Pass — through some of the Southern San Juan Mountains. There was quite a bit of snow — not for this time of year (it should be much deeper) but it was lovely to drive on a clear and plowed mountain pass with no traffic and snow on the ground. The scenery was amazing. I don’t have photos because I was driving.

I might go back.

And…thanks to the cortisone shot, I walked 1.3 miles without a cane. I went up and down stairs. I kind of ran. I’m beginning to understand on a non-intellectual and more visceral level how repairing this thing is going to be great for me. 🙂 ❤


15 thoughts on “Ghost Ranch

  1. It must have felt good to feel almost like normal. What an interesting day you had, visiting the haunts of Georgia O’Keefe!

  2. I lived on lidocaine shots for several years until no one was willing to poke anything into my spine anymore. They were a great relief, especially since (for me) surgery is not an option.

  3. The landscape and the landscape paintings are amazing. I hope you don’t have too many side effects from the cortisone and that you can get that surgery and back on your two feet (sans cane), as soon as possible. What a difference it will make. I imagine you get pretty sore from standing when you are painting too.

    • So far the cortisone shot has just been a good thing! 🙂 Does this landscape look like Australia at all? I don’t know, but in my imagination parts of Australia look like the American southwest

  4. I can’t say for sure, Martha, because I haven’t traveled enough. I dare say similar. In my imagination, the soils of the areas that would be most similar would be redder. Although my husband did go to some places in Western Australia (and brought back photos) that have that more yellow soil but not really that topography. In short, maybe…. I need to become a grey nomad so that I can just pack my bags and go traveling for a year or two. Have you watched the film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert?

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