Messy Quotidian Update 4/2.8.c

When I went to Colorado Springs this time, I only took Mindy along. I boarded Dusty and Bear in the new boarding kennel — Noah’s Arff — that’s actually in my town. Well, kind of in my town. It’s out on a paved county road about six miles east of town. It’s a brand new, beautiful kennel with a large indoor play area and a big outdoor play area. It’s simple, clean, attractive and the people running it are great people who love dogs. Dusty and Bear have had two nights of boarding and baths. I’m not big into bathing dogs, and the only other bath Dusty has had (that I know of) was after he was skunked several years ago. They were glad to come home, but I think they had a good time.

I learned that it’s a lot easier to travel just with Mindy. Of course, boarding the dogs isn’t free, but out here it’s not expensive.

My friend came down from Colorado Springs last evening with the Airdyne. Today we’re heading down to Abiquiu to see Georgia O’Keefe’s house and whatever else we find to look at. It’s a longish drive — 2 hours — but it’s a gorgeous morning promising a gorgeous day.

It appears that the cortisone shot has worked. When you have a messed-up hip joint, you don’t just get out of bed, out of the car, or out of a chair and walk wherever you want to go. You have to assemble your body, so to speak, then take a few halting lopsided steps. Your back and legs hurt, but you move. This morning I got up and walked around my room getting my stuff together. I feel  an inch or two taller because I can stand up straight. There’s no way to know how long the effects of the shot will last, but right now I’m surprised and happy.

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  1. At the moment I know the feeling only too well when you get up in the morning and need half an hour until everything begins to function, but for me it is hopefully only temporaty. I am glad you have now found a remedy. I once attended an exhibition in Zürich of Georgia O’Keefe paintings and even had a guided tour by our niece who is art historian. I am sure she must have a wonderful house.

  2. Enjoy your trip. We are in your old stomping grounds of San Diego. Staying in a funky airBnB in Ocean bEach. Nice run this morning. Good travels to all. Hooray for an improved hip!

    • Please tell OB I miss it. You should try to eat grilled mahi tacos at South Beach Bar and Grill at the end of Newport right by the beach. The best mahi tacos anywhere and the chance to watch the sun set on the ocean. I’m glad you’re there!! ❤

      • Thanks for the recommendation. We went by tonight and it was a mob scene. Saturday night and all that. Will try again. I do enjoy OB, and will give it your regards!

    • The doc didn’t expect anything but he kind of capped the benefit at 3 months. but this is good because I’ll be a lot more prepared for surgery this way.

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