Good Gnus

This morning I went to see an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs. The result? Get off your tenterhooks and I’ll tell you.

I’m very very very happy. I got a good exam from a sympatico doctor, with a sense of humor, who really listened to me when I told him my story, explained the procedure he would be doing and what the rehab would be like. He explained that for the next 6 weeks I had to do physical therapy (a Medicare requirement) unless the therapist said PT would be useless on my hip. I was given a cortisone injection in my hip with a needle about 10 meters long (exaggeration) — that hurt! — also a Medicare requirement. “After six weeks, you come back and we talk about surgery, OK?”

My fear was that I would not be a candidate for the minimally invasive procedure, but I am a good candidate. My rehab will be a LOT shorter than with the other procedure. I will be able to go home-home two days after surgery and I’ll be walking with a cane, not a walker or crutches. In four months I’ll be able to do anything.

The doctor is one of the highest rated orthopedic surgeons in the country AND he’s familiar with the San Luis Valley and has done work down there — surgery on people who’ve suffered farm injuries — flying into the various rural airports in the Valley.

I liked him a lot. I trust him and was impressed by his friendly professionalism and his patience with me because, you know, I have a lot of issues around this thing.

“There won’t be any limitations on your activities after this,” he said. “You can even run.”

My guess now is that in about 3 months I’ll have the surgery. I’ll have to get those old skis repaired.


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      • He didn’t have to show it to me. I said, “Don’t show me that!” he turned around and said, “Mua ha. ha ha.” I like him. I deal with tough stuff by being incredibly funny (and crying) and it made me happy yesterday that he seems to have gotten it. Yeah, my hip feels good today. I got up out of bed this morning and walked around like a normal person :p

  1. Are you having a hip replacement ? My mom had one due to a workplace accident ( ironically occurred in a hospital ) and had to have emergency surgery.. and pt afterwards and walked with a walker and then a cane.. now she limps and gets edema in her legs. Every case is different and I hope your upcoming surgery goes well, there’s also a lot of helpful videos of how to get in and out of bed for after your surgery too. Good luck

    • I will be getting a hip replacement. I got a similar operation on my other side 11 years ago and it went very well. I am lucky this time because I can have the new procedure for hip replaceent, but I expect a lot of walker time even with the new procedure that does less tissue damage. I know it’a not going to be a cake walk. If your mom’s surgery was fairly recent (in the last year) some of the limping and edema might go away, though who knows that they had to do to fix her fracture. That’s just really hard. 😦

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