Tedious Quotidian Old Lady Update 34.2.c

Yesterday I decided to assay my abilities and take Bear on a walk longer than a mile. First we went to “our” place, but half the city of Monte Vista was there (four pickup trucks) so we spun a U-ee in the parking lot and headed home. Our new objective: the Golf Course and BEYOND!!!

My goal was 2 miles. I achieved it, but two miles at my current pace (roughly 2 miles/hour) is pretty slow. I don’t ever want to admit to finding walking boring, but…

I’m going to have to take music if this is going to be bearable (bear-able ha ha).

The great advantage of exercise machines (oh my blessed Airdyne) is that you can get a good workout in a relatively short time. In the time it took me to walk my 1.97 miles, I could have “gone” 12 miles on the Airdyne. That’s (and right now I care) 600 vs 200 calories (264 according to the app on my phone…)

It’s funny, but back in the day when I covered 4 miles/hour walking (and was able to run if I wanted) a “walk” was a different activity completely.

I wish I could take Bear somewhere to walk — there are trails all over the nearby mountains and hills that I have not been on — but she gets sick in the car after 15 or 20 minues on the road unless she’s drugged. I should talk to my vet about something to keep her from getting sick without knocking her out. Then, maybe, these walks would be adventures.

I’ll pick up the “new” Airdyne in Colorado Springs next week. I also ordered an old, refurbished Nordic Track. It’s on the way from Boise, ID. I’m not sure I’ll be able to use it now, but probably after surgery. I am going to have a seriously retro 1970s home gym.


Yesterday, thinking about all this, I realized that an Airdyne will be great, a Nordic Track might be good, but what I really need is a Time Machine.




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  1. You are the only other person I know who uses the term U-eee, Martha.

    I have some leg warmers and headbands if you’d like to add to your vintage gym vibe, (I know those are 80’s). Also some rainbow suspenders, which are from the 70’s.

    Hadn’t thought about carsick dog as a walk limiter, but it makes sense.

    • Must be an old-school Colorado term. Or we’re highly idiosyncratic linguistically.

      I think what I’m going to need for appropriate retro gym attire are very short jogging shorts with white piping and a old Bolder Boulder T-shirt. Once, back in the late 80s, one of the kids in my old hood in San Diego dressed up as my ex-husband for Halloween. It was hilarious. He had white mid-calf tube socks with colored stripes near the top, 70s running shorts and a t-shirt that had “T-Shirt” written on it from back in the day when generic brands were new.

  2. A time machine is exactly what I need. I’m absolutely grateful that nothing really hurts (relative term) yet, but it does take me an hour to do the same running/walking route I used to do in 40 minutes not very many years ago. Time keeps on truckin’ with or without us.

    • I had a kind of epiphany a few nights ago. Plenty of people before me have had the same epiphany, and I even “knew” it on an intellectual level, but not “really” if that makes sense. Our little immortal spirits — imagination, desire, will — all the intangibles don’t exist in time. It’s the little vehicle that houses them that wears out. I felt so much compassion — and gratitude — for my body at that moment.

    • Music is only effective metaphorically, but that’s not nothing. I’ll try to get a bunch of these machines if I find them. Or share one if I only find one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’d like a time machine here too. I’d go back to the ’80s were uni was free and healthcare was good and didn’t cost anything. The world seemed a slightly nicer place too. On the other hand, free uni probably led to credentialisation (is that a word?). Seems nowadays you need a degree to join a rock band.

    I was going to ask whether you had Rescue Remedy there? It uses ginger though, so probably wouldn’t work. It works a bit on my dog that gets car sick. He likes travelling in the sedan best as he doesn’t get as sick as when he is in the back of the truck. He finds the truck a bit bouncy. I know, two cars! It’s a bit luxurious. The sedan is old. Our mechanic offered to buy it off us. That gave us a clue that we should hold on to it a bit longer.

    • We do have Rescue Remedy — looks good and might be good for Dusty when there are thunder storms. I have a sedan with a hathback so they’re in the car.

      The 80s were nice and kind of sweet. I liked the 90s, too. Once that World Trade Center thing happened, the world went to shit. But I guess it was already shit somewhere or that wouldn’t have happened. Though where THAT’S concerned, I think there’s more than meets the eye and/or media.

  4. Itโ€™s my firm belief that our bodies have odometers associated with our ages because as soon as I hit 40, the aches, pains, eyesight, everything just went downhill.

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