Tedious Quotidian Ramblings 4.3a.2

It didn’t last long, but Monte Vista finally decided to enroll in winter. Blue sky is already pushing away the clouds and snow, but when we got up this morning, the beautiful, magical, muffling wonder was drifting down to the song of sparrows who seemed happy about it. It’s our first almost-real snow since October 9 and we BADLY need the moisture. I’ve been watering my flower beds. Driving out north of town the other day to see if I could find the spot where my painting in progress came from, I was stunned to see little green uplings in some of the fields.

Yesterday my friends and I had an adventure. We drove to the next town for pizza then went to the local flea market where I found a pair of skis that were the same skis (not exact same skis) as I once owned. Fischer with metal edges for trail breaking in the mountains. The previous owner had put mountaineering bindings on them. They were my size. How I yearned.

“You thinking of skiing, Martha?” asked my friend looking at me standing there with a cane in one hand and the skiis nestled in my other arm. The look in her eyes was pure compassion.

They were $30.

I said I wished I could and put them back.

The snow has stopped. The blue sky is pale and distant with soft low clouds. I’m sure the mountains are going to be amazing when I go out later with the dogs.  Bear is outside reveling in her bliss, Dusty is waiting for his coffe and the ever vigilant, caring Bear has returned, and has informed me that Mindy wants to come in.



“Mindy’s out there, Martha.”



9 thoughts on “Tedious Quotidian Ramblings 4.3a.2

  1. Duke took out a rear leg trying to leap a fence and is on three legs today, but no infection or any sign of infection. We have a fence to repair … as soon as our winter, which most assuredly HAS arrived … has the decency to go away and stay there.

  2. That is a lovely bit of excitement for the dogs. I guess you will be having to go to the door a lot today to let them in and out. And probably just as well you didn’t get those skiis< Martha, as you would have been tempted! Stay warm. Regards. Tracy.

    • We took a long walk (for me) and Bear got to roll in the snow! My neighbor (the Australian) and her husband ran across the street to help me shovel my walks. They’re in their 70s/early 80s. I’m 66. We thought we ought to form a company and give people a good laugh going door-to-door with our shovels. I have skis, but not THOSE. ❤ I wasn't tempted. If I took out the skis, I couldn't take out the dogs. Priorities…

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