Not a Good Day for Mindy

One of my dogs is sick and I don’t know which one. That’s a puzzle. I suspect one of those two, up there. Highest in my suspicion is the black and white one. Though I’m not really feeding them today, I did try to give her one of her favorite foods, a bit of banana, and though she took it in her mouth, she didn’t want to eat it. She did eat the spoonful of chicken and rice dog food I offered her. This matters because Mindy likes food a LOT. I hope she’s just manipulating me into cooking my special “Poor sick dog” chicken, rice and egg recipe. In the meantime, they’re all fasting, but I had to find out if she had an appetite.

She’s a little less frisky than usual, too. I plan to keep a close watch on her this morning and if I see anything scary, I’ll take her to the vet. Her eyes are clear, her gums are pink, she’s drinking water, her tummy is soft. For now I just have a sad little Aussie. ❀

30 thoughts on “Not a Good Day for Mindy

    • I think she might have had some cat poop. Her favorite. πŸ™‚ Or cardboard…. She’s a lot better. Still a bit listless, but she ate a little dinner of chicken and rice and drank water.

    • She seems a lot better. She went out to pee with the others, ate a little bit of chicken and rice and drank water. She now just seems tired. A canine 24 hour bug is a good guess or she ate something outside she shouldn’t have. ❀

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