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Ridiculously warm day here in Heaven. Dusty, Bear and I took off for our usual places, but there were people. As a last resort, I turned down the dirt road leading to probably my favorite walk (so far — there’s much I have not yet explored) and Voilá! No one! I whooped and “Yay!”ed, parked and off we went.

The light right now is slanted and silvery across the yellow winter grass. The only colors are a pure raw umber, gold, blue, black and white. It’s stark in its way, but very lovely. We walked nearly 2 miles in sixty degree temps. I should have brought water for the dogs…




Little Melt Spot Reflecting Grass


Lenticular clouds above the Meadow of the World


I kind of thought I might see or hear Sandhill Cranes, but though it feels like late spring, it’s still just February 1. Definitely improved my attitude. Once again, these words ring true.

In my room, the world is beyond my understanding;
But when I walk I see that it consists of three or four
Hills and a cloud.”  Wallace Stevens

P.S. The bison in the header photo are across the street from Rio Grande Hospital. 🙂 Not a bad view!

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    • they could but they won’t. Dusty hates water (though he looks like a lab) and Bear? She’ll drink rain water from puddles and eat snow and chew on ice, but somehow she hasn’t equated the river with a drink. That’s OK with me. Sometimes it’s hard to get near the river. The water in these photos is pretty nasty; it’s a slough and it’s been drying up all winter. 😦 Doesn’t even smell good. I hope by the time it’s the birds’ turn, there’s more.

    • 90???? It is a beautiful walk and perfect for my range of abilities. I love it. This is the area where the geese will soon have the chance to perpetuate their species. 🙂 ❤

      • I know — but yes, 90! Might get down to 77 over the weekend, but then right back up. I think the planet has forgotten that it’s winter in this hemisphere (though I know some areas are much colder than we are!)! The geese have a wonderful meadow to land in!

      • 90 in February even there is way too hot! I remember very well when I moved to Descanso CA in 2003 the field across the street was green with grass in October and the cattle could hide in it. The Oak trees shaded everything. By the time I left in 2014, the grass was almost always brown. The wildflowers had been replaced by foxtails and the trees, for the most part, had died. That’s just 11 years. ALSO it was hot most of the time. That summer, when I was packing to move, I got up at 4 am so I could work while it was still cool. Very troubling.

      • You can imagine how nice it was as I grew up in Santa Barbara — there were maybe 3 days over 90 each year, and the weather was rainy off/on all winter. The last few years have been unreal — getting worse and worse. The Santa Barbara water company manager has stated that they are boomeranging right back into drought at this time, and that means less water, more fires, etc. At least it’s not very humid right now, but you’re right that it’s too hot for February!

  1. I do understand the disappointment at finding people when you take a walk in a place and you’d rather be alone (four-legged friends excluded, of course!)

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