Now a Book!!!!

Moving along with the little hiking book. 🙂

My Everest

Cover My Everest small


After about nine million, drafts and months and months of revision and editing, many of the essays (once) on this site are now compiled into a little book. I’m very proud of it.

One reader said, “I started reading your book today. Martha—I love it…If ever there was a love story—this is it.”

She was right. It’s a love story.

Another reader says, “Ms. Kennedy’s narratives are rich with sensory descriptions and heart-warming adventures. Anyone who loves hiking and dogs will love this book.”

From the back of the book:

In the 1980s, I moved to California from Colorado. I found work I loved and ended up staying there for more than thirty years. I always missed the Rocky Mountains.

Many of these stories are set in Mission Trails Regional Park, several thousand acres of coastal sage and chaparral. The landscape was one of the few remaining pieces of untouched…

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