Crowing a Bit

I’ve now heard officially that Martin of Gfenn is a finalist for the Chaucer Award from Chanticleer Book Reviews. The Chaucer Award is for works of historical fiction set before 1750. It’s a highly competitive contest and a big deal for my novel and for me. The prize is some money but, more important, reviews that are normally very expensive and difficult to arrange. It could be very good for my book. Book(s)?

The winners are announced at the Chanticleer Reviews Annual Conference in Bellingham, Washington the third week in April. They offer a discount on registration for  those of us who might possibly win. I’d like to go, but I worked out the budget. It’s expensive and I can only stay two nights. 😦 That’s unfortunate because there’s a lot to see, stuff I like, like snow covered volcanic peaks, Puget Sound and Vancouver, BC where I’ve always wanted to go.

If I can file my taxes and get my refund ahead of time, then, maybe.

But there’s this thing with my hip.

Which brings me to what it’s like to be cool in your own little town with your cane, your stooped (as opposed to stupid which is not as visible) walk and so on and so forth vs. going out in public and maybe walking across a stage like a character from Hansel and Gretel and NOT one of the kids. I suppose I could leave a trail of breadcrumbs and throw them off, but… One is self-conscious. I am self-conscious. Yes, yes, I know it’s superficial and stupid. For that matter, the hero of Martin of Gfenn is a leper. I did think of dressing as a leper and kind of going with the whole crippled bit. That would solve a couple of problems. First, what to wear. Second, the whole stooped, limping walk…

And then there’s the fact that my upcoming hip surgery will entail a deductible. I haven’t yet learned the details of that, but my next phone call (this coming Monday) will be to the surgeon who, I imagine, will do the work, followed soon after by a long drive over a mountain pass for an appointment.

AND I’d rather go back to Switzerland than anywhere else and that’s not free. I also know that any journey I make to Switzerland in the next year or so is likely to be the last one of my life for both financial and physical reasons. I want it to be as good, long, and physically able as I can make it.

Life is so short. A lot like money. 🙂

So, for now, the journey to Bellingham, WA for the awards banquet (a place I would really like to visit) has been tabled. It might happen, but I don’t know yet. Still, I’m very, very happy my novel has been recognized in this way.

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13 thoughts on “Crowing a Bit

  1. Part B of Medicare does NOT have a deductible. B is where the surgery and hospitalization take place. Generally all the tests IN the hospital are covered by part B too. This is where Medicare really is a great thing. I had all that heart surgery and it cost me nothing at all. Not a penny.

  2. Congratulations and good luck with the book(s). I knew my last journey to London would be my last, also due to physical problems. I hope your hip surgery works out for you

    • I’ll keep everyone posted. I’m not happy about it but I know you’re not happy about having to contend with MS. At least by this point in our lives we don’t expect things to always go our way. 😉

  3. I’m so jealous!!

    Er…not of the cane. The writing thing.

    Although if it’s a really *cool* cane……


  4. Congratulations! I won a couple of pretty big awards once. For work in television. The first time I didn’t go. The second I did. The second has left me with a memory I’ll never forget and always be proud of. Vanity? Maybe. But then, all that work… is something to be proud of.

    • Thank you! I’m going to go if I can work it out. 🙂 I feel I owe it to “my” leper — the protagonist of the story who’s a really amazing guy and whose “life” was a wonderful experience write.

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