“Snow amounts predicted to be one inch or less”

It snowed yesterday! We didn’t get much, and it didn’t last long, but we loved it while we could.

I loved it with a snow shovel, my feet, my eyes and my sense of smell. Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog loved it with her paws, her back, her sides, her snout, and her tongue.

“Kind of meager Bear, I’m sorry!”

“Meager? It’s so much better than NOTHING!” said my dog in telepathic jubilation. “Let’s GO!!”

Words to live by. So out we went to the the river. There were no tracks on the trail, but I guess there were lots of “messages” because Bear was stopping to read something at every second bush.


14 thoughts on ““Snow amounts predicted to be one inch or less”

  1. We’ve been getting snow like that every night. And today it is SO cold, there won’t be any melting at all. I knew it was cold because I could hear the heat cranking throughout the house and the radiator in my little bathroom was not merely warm, it was actually hot — something it almost never get. Winter is here, but so far, a relatively dry one. Despite my whining about it, we need the snow. Badly. The drought here has gone on for years. Not like California, but bad enough so that the rivers are always too low and the ponds dry up before summer is over. So let’s hear it for the white stuff. OUR dogs like it too, as long as it isn’t too deep for their short legs!

  2. Cats do not like snow. Mr. Swiss were having a conversation about the difference between dogs and cats and it seems there where differences can occur they occur. My the dogs enjoy it as long as it lasts Tabby says, as she curls up in a cushion and sleeps.

    • My dogs like snow, but they don’t have a choice. Mindy will just stand in it while it falls, but it doesn’t penetrate her thick fur so I’m not even sure she knows. Dusty likes it least, but a good walk in the snow makes him happy. It could just be the walk. And Bear? Sometimes I think she lives for snow in the winter. In summer she makes do with a wet lawn. It’s true about cats. Our cat Hertz used to go outside and take one or two steps and try to shake the snow off his paws. It was fun to watch. 🙂

  3. Joel and I are in Las Cruces, New Mexico. A few days ago it snowed in Las Cruces and El Paso. The local TV stations interviewed passersby about what they thought of the snow. “I love it,” was the universal response as those interviewed stood with the reporter among a few swirls of snowflakes on the skiff of snow skimpily spotting the concrete.

    • A few flakes or it’s not love. It’s fascination with novelty. 😉 My parents loved Las Cruces. We went there a lot when I was a kid (driving through the San Luis Valley to get there, no Interestate back then). I don’t remember much about it because I was REALLY little, but they thought it was a great place and wanted to retire there.

      • Joel and I visited it last winter and liked it, so we rented a house for three months this winter, thinking we’d see if we liked it as much as we thought, and, if so, we’d try to buy a very small home or townhouse to spend three months in every winter. We arrived the first of December and are now looking for a place. Though it is now a city of 100,000, it has the feel of a smaller place. The traffic gets a little busy at 8 and 5, but overall the pace is slow. It has a university, which I like, and the population, heavily hispanic, is, in general, friendly and helpful. Also, this time of year, the luminaries are plentiful and appealing.

      • That’s just wonderful. I love Hispanic culture. It’s been part of my life since I was born. It’s one of the appeals of Monte Vista, but there is a long history of separation between Anglos and Hispanics here. Very strange. I’m a lot “browner” than I appear, but appearances count for a lot, regrettably. I am now living the “whitest” life I’ve ever lived as a result. You can send me photos of luminarias any time you feel the urge. 🙂

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