Old Christmas Card


Twenty years ago I went to the Rite-Aid (no longer exists) drug store in College Grove shopping center in San Diego. I was buying picture frames or getting a prescription or something. There were Christmas Cards on shelves near the door.

I almost ALWAYS make my own Christmas Cards, but that year I saw this one and I knew nothing I could make would equal what it had to say. I bought two boxes of 20 cards for $10. They were bargain cards. EVERYONE got a Christmas card from me that year.

YEARS later I returned to teach at a college I had left. I had not taught there for five or six years. When I went to the office, said hello again to the staff, the department secretary said, “We’ve missed you. I even saved your Christmas card. It’s the best ever.”

She opened a desk drawer and took out the Dostoyevsky card.

It will hang around for the holidays OR until it snows. Depends which happens first.


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