A Snippet of My Day — Morning Quotidian Trivia # 29.4

Dusty is staring longingly at my coffee cup. Bear is chewing her rawhide. The floor-heater just banged on. The sky is pale blue with a tinge of pink. I take a drink of coffee while it’s still hot, sorrowful about two things; it doesn’t stay hot and the second cup doesn’t taste as good as the first. I never make a second cup because I’ve learned that.ย Bear gets another rawhide. Apparently the first, second, and all subsequent rawhides are as yummy as the first.

The sun rises higher in what is every day more a wintry sky. Mindy finishes her rawhide. Dusty goes into the kitchen to reconnoiter. Did Mindy drop any? All of it? Nope. He’s disappointed. Mindy takes a drink of water then goes to all the dog dishes looking for scraps (there are no scraps, ever). I give Dusty one of Bear’s rawhides and he’s happy. Bear won’t know the difference. My coffee gets colder.

Mindy wants to go out to the front yard for her morning constitutional, so I will get up and open the front door. Outside I see my trash can hasn’t moved. I have a sinking feeling they didn’t collect it. I worry if they took the payment out or not — but the website says they did. Oh man, I’m probably going to have to call them…

As the great philosophy professor, Dr. Mueller, often said, “Life is a catalog of woe.”

At least Dusty gets his coffee.




14 thoughts on “A Snippet of My Day — Morning Quotidian Trivia # 29.4

  1. At first I thought it was a cheese fondue bowl with bread sticks to stir in it. Perhaps Dusty also thought that is what it is. What a wonderful morning that is.

    • Yeah, it’s a shared routine. They go out, I make coffee, they come in, I make a smoothie, give Mindy some of my banana and a berry while I’m making it, and then I feed them. I take my meds and drink some smoothie while they eat. Then we all get a fish oil capsule. I pour my coffee, and give them rawhides. It’s 50/50 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Absolutely! I don’t have a routine. I have grandkids that change the routine daily, well other than getting up eating brekky and off to school. It’s our schedules that change as my daughter works 5 am to 3 or 2 to 11 and my son’t daily is different every day. 5 to 11 or 830 to 2 and with christmas coming, he works 2 on 3 off 4 on 1 off 4 on 1 off, so it’a crazy scheduling anything let alone meals! lol keeps you hopping. I like your routine, it’s special.

      • haha I should have said, our routine is NO routine lmao and here I thought the “golden” years would be relaxing, nonchalant and easy, mwhahahahaha was i wrong. but in a good way.

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