Radio Time Warp

Sunday mornings around here are filled with the percussive beats of the “Legends of Alternative.” What’s that? It’s the radio, ladies and gents, boys and girls.

A long, long time ago in a faraway place lived a young ESL teacher. Every morning she drove ten miles to school on the freeway, listening to the semi-avant garde sounds of a radio station that marketed itself as being on the cutting edge of rock music. Every afternoon, she drove. home, listening to the same radio station. And now?

Her favorite DJ from back in the day now has a Sunday morning radio show on ANOTHER station, playing those songs.

Yes, folks. Once “New Wave,” they are now oldies.

As am I.

So what’s the music? There are more artists than I can list without this turning into an epic catalog, but, as an example, we just heard Queen, earlier the Clash, The Police and Blondie. Devo, Depressed Mode, Iggy Pop, the Cure, the Cramps, Morrissey. Maybe some Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols, Pretenders, the Pogues, Bryan Ferry, Simple Minds and, top of my personal list from those days…

14 thoughts on “Radio Time Warp

  1. It’s funny how we grow up in different times and are influenced by the music. Your music came to me when I did not have so much time to concentrate, bringing up kids and other housewife hobbies. It was just a background accompniment. It was ok, but I couldn’t really get into it, perhaps Brian Ferry. If you were talking of Stones, Beatles, Yardbirds etc. I would be with you. The main thing is were were there, been there and done it and the memories linger on.

    • I was in high school w/the Stones, Beatles, Yardbirds, etc. I listened to it, but didn’t like the music very much — I don’t know why. At that time I liked Steppenwolf, the Moody Blues, Rod Stewart. When Punk and New Wave emerged (I was in my late 20s) there began to be music I liked. Strange. Later on, I listened to music from my teen years that I hadn’t heard and liked it a lot — especially The Doors. Strange…

  2. So many memories tied to music. We spent last evening listening to our records. Some of our old favourites Stephen Stills, Jo Jo Gunne, John Martyn, Simon & Garfunkle, followed by Paul Simon on his own..Kate Bush is one of my favourites. I really like her album “The Kick Inside” She has an amazing voice and I love the story telling of her lyrics.

  3. I’m thinking I listened to the music you didn’t! lol since you mentioned the doors. but non-the-less music has a profound and lasting effect. How many stages of our life can we define by the music we listened to? ” OMG that brings back such memories, we were …”

  4. Recently drove through my old hometown listening area and tuned in WMMR (Philly) which used to be cutting edge rock with many of the bands you listed. Still the same (miraculously at least one of the same jocks, although another has moved to Sirius), but now it’s ‘classic rock’. Still the best music on the radio, though. My high-school age son is captivated by it and ‘discovering’ all the bands I grew up with.

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