Wise Words from an Old Dog

“Underdog, human?”

“Yeah. Sometimes you’re under Bear, sometimes you’re under Dusty.”

“But not in dog reality. I’m the Alpha Female, after you, of course.”

“I don’t know about that, Mindy. Sometimes Bear knocks you completely over when you guys rush outside.”

“An ‘underdog’ is not the same as the smallest dog. YOU should know that!!!”

“Touché, Mindy. Touché.”


8 thoughts on “Wise Words from an Old Dog

  1. Oh, that look. “You didn’t see that, did you? did you? No, of course not. It wasn’t me, so how could you see it?”
    Why is it that dogs always have that look, whether guilty or not, when they’re snuck up on and they don’t know if they’ve done something or not? Just look guilty, get it over with, move on.

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