Cake is Fine, but…

I wonder if I’m the only one who likes it when we go back to standard time? I like long mornings. I like walking the dogs in the middle of the day. I like the early fall of darkness.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Tax Reform Hoopla going on right now. I see the con in it — MOST people will pay lower taxes. “Throw them some crumbs then, would you, Bozo?” says the great leader. I will pay $259 less in taxes each year. Someone who makes $6k will get a tax break that equals 240% of my annual income. That’s pretty fucked. It’s NOT a good deal for the middle class or people on low or fixed incomes AT ALL. It doesn’t even keep up with the cost of living. The way THAT is going, my small toe-hold on a middle class income is rapidly slipping and I can foresee a future where I will qualify for low income credits on heat, window replacement, all that stuff. But, for now, I’m where I’ve always been — middle class.

At age 65, a person has a different relationship with life, I think. We know there’s not godnose how much of it left. We suspect (probably correctly) that where we live is the same place the people will come to clean out our effects. In my case, that realization led to an inventory of the goodness of it all. I bought my little house 3 years ago. I was so happy at the time because it has all new appliances. They are the bottom of the line Sears appliance bundle that is often sold to people flipping houses or renting apartments, but NO one had used them before and they were all new AT THE SAME TIME. My real estate agent immediately began talking about how I could upgrade this or that and I thought, “I’m happy with what I have. I enjoy that it’s all new.”

Last night I appreciated all that again and thought, “I bet our fearless leader has no idea what it feels like to be deeply happy to live in a remote, impoverished part of the state you love, in a little house that suits you, with all new appliances and a low house payment.”

But it’s just because people like me who have chosen a life based on our personal values which do not center on the acquisition of things or money ARE satisfied with relatively little that the powers that currently be can get away with this. They honestly think we’re stupid. “She’ll be glad to pay $259 less in taxes; she’ll think she got something, muahahaha.”

Yeah, I’m glad for a $259 tax break, but I am not at all deluded that it’s fair. It’s not. What’s more, I don’t resent paying taxes. Taxes pay for my neighbor’s kids to go to school. They pay for the safe state highway running past my house. They pay for national parks and monuments. In a perfect world, they’d pay for health care for everyone. I’m OK with that. I’m very OK with that. I’m LESS OK with my taxes going to pay for an endless war with its mushrooming costs that I cannot understand, however. 😦

3 thoughts on “Cake is Fine, but…

  1. I’m fine with middle class. Lower middle class at this point. The problem is that houses — even little houses — need things and that’s were that fixed incomes comes more than a little unglued. I just keep hoping the big things — the roof and the heating system and the major appliances — hang in there for the long run.

  2. I agree with u there about paying a fair share of taxes which is what this tax code doesn’t offer. I guess we’re all left to the choices the government makes on behalf of the people they choose most to represent.

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