“Get the salts!”

“What happened?”

“Georgiana has fainted.”

“If she didn’t lace so tight…”

“Those whalebone corsets are the height of tomfoolery.”

“Who can say? Last night, in my meeting with the spirits, I learned that in the future, the fashion for young ladies will be to have fat injected into their, ahem, derrieres.”

“And you BELIEVE what those spirits tell you? That they actually ARE spirits? Here are my salts. Is she coming around?”

10 thoughts on “Fashion…

  1. Did the spirits mention tattoos everywhere and getting holes in your nose and … other places? If you have something in that extra hole in your nose and you get a really bad cold and you sneeze, does everything in your face just explode?

  2. Interesting that elsewhere in nature, it’s the male of the species that has the extra adornment.
    The ring in the nose always makes me think of clipping on a leash so you can be led by it, and as for the butt injections…one day there’s going to be a whole regiment of the elderly with butts swaying halfway down their thighs – those who hadn’t realised that one day, they too would get old.

  3. We (especially us women) have always tried to change our bodies for the sake of fashion ( or is it respectability?)….tight corsets , uplift bras, squishy bras, high heels, spanx… goes on and on.

    Visit my blog for some comments on historical corsets and their wearers.

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