Quotidian Update # 4.1.b

Sleep doesn’t come or stay easy these days. It’s almost more work than being awake. But…

Morning arrives and with it the ritual of the first fifteen minutes of my little life. Up, dress, etc. emerge from the Private Domain of Humans. Dusty walks around behind me for a head scratch, then they all go to the back door. I follow, open the door and out they go.

Dusty and Bear head for THEIR yard and Mindy for the garden. But invariably, Mindy waits for me on the walk way. This morning I am a little slow out of the chute and there she is, looking over her shoulder, “Are you OK?”

“I’m coming Mindy.”

I lock the gate to the Dusty and Bear yard, and Mindy feels free to do what she came out to do. As I head back to the door, Mindy passes me doing her perky little once-a-day run. I come in, make my coffee then go to the door to see if Mindy is waiting. She is. I let her in. I peel a banana and give her the last inch. I open the frozen strawberries and give her one. I make my smoothie and we go get the bigger dogs and I feed them.

I’m grateful for these dog mornings. It’s fifteen sweet minutes out of every day and at the end is coffee.


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