Old, Fat and Ugly

Yesterday I broke my hard-and-fast rule NOT to comment on political posts on Facebook. The post was about how Trump was NOT corrupt because Hillary was (either/or fallacy). It was based on the breaking news that the DNC had paid for the golden showers dossier about Trump in Russia. My response said something to the effect that we’re trapped in a corrupt two-party system and neither Trump nor Clinton(s) are the serious issue. The serious issue is about what we, the people, are going to do about it.

Dirty politics is not new. I think it is as old as is the thirst for power.

I was immediately slammed by a Trumpeter with an ad hominem attack. “I looked at your Facebook profile and you’re old, fat and ugly.”

It shouldn’t have, but it did…hurt. I am old, fat and ugly.

I checked out his Facebook profile and came away thinking it was fake.

I deleted my post, still thinking about “old, fat and ugly” and the power of the ad hominem attack. It sure as hell made me crawl under a rock, invalidated by my appearance and age.

But we have a problem. I wasn’t surprised by anything in the news. It was no great denouement to me that the DNC and the Clinton campaign would try to get some dirt on Trump. Not that, in my opinion, they needed to go out of their way. He is — has been for a long time — a public figure. It’s also pretty clear that the American people don’t care whether their president is a sleaze or not. They kind of like their post-verbal fascist narcissistic glob of orange. At this point, I’m most curious about which of the innumerable Republican candidates originally set out to have the dossier compiled.

And what are we going to do about it? Not me — I’m obsolete (it’s kind of a relief) — but young people? Ah! Young people! I read recently the rantings of a young person who resents the fact that all the Baby-boomers got the last bit of an easy life America ever had to offer. That blew me away. No one looking at my life would say, “Wow, easy life!” but it’s a common enough opinion about my generation. Constructive? No. Honest? No. An excuse for failure? Absolutely.

Please watch/listen to this “song.” Some thoughtful person has updated the video to reflect our time rather than Reagan’s.

17 thoughts on “Old, Fat and Ugly

  1. Like you I avoid politics when possible, and as far as the States are concerned I would not dare to voice an opinion, but one thing we have in common, I am also old, fat and ugly. My fat is just differently distributed. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • If that real or fake person lives long enough, he’ll be old, fat and ugly. Too bad for him he’ll also be stupid! 🙂 And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. How original and aw they are so brave these keyboard hero’s, bravely throwing insults from the protection of their computer screens (unless of course you are ancient , obese and grotesque then to be told you are old fat and ugly is a compliment)

    • You’re right — but it was hurtful (like a hangnail) on the surface and also deeper in the sense that this is where we are; this kind of “discourse” is common place even when the subject is very serious. And I think part of us is in second grade FOREVER 🙂

  3. First: when I read that third paragraph, I LOL. The childishness of the comment. Second: well…I can’t believe you ‘caved’, you removed your post?? to each his/her own but … ‘so sad’ you were so ‘easily’, as a woman typically is, shut up. The ignoramous who gagged you is probably more empowered and laughing now. I, like you, am old, fat and ugly and I’m proud of it: no pussy grabbing done here, no cat-calls or 1-10 ratings: age is empowering – unless you allow someone to take it away from you. I very, very rarely comment myself because I know that it’s for naught – questionable intelligent life out there.

  4. At this point I would be incandescent with rage and frustration, but not because of the insult per se (which in my case would probably be ‘skinny old crone’, although no one will ever convince me I’m skinny but that’s irrelevant here) but at the thought that this sort of blind, fanatical stupidity, pig-ignorance and inner ugliness has the world in its grip and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    And if only the young, slim and attractive are allowed to speak, that cuts Trump out, doesn’t it!

    • I almost responded with that, that Trump is even fatter, older and uglier than I am but meh. You have hit on exactly what made me angry. I know what I look like. I know how I came to earn this body etc. No, I’d rather look like I did at 50 but that’s not happening. I think it’s enough right now to be happy and be able to walk my dogs. I don’t have to be a goddess (I never was). But that people (including Trump) throw up an attack like that instead of a respectful response just nauseates me.

  5. Thought you might enjoy this.

    I am very old,
    weary to the depths of my soul
    where time sits silvered with grief
    and seamed with battle scars that weaken my resolve.

    But mostly I am very young:
    a child
    alight with innocent delight.
    And when the young in years flash by
    contemptuous of my greying hair
    I want to say, ‘Hey!
    You wait, you’ll see!’
    But then
    they might not be so lucky…

    • That’s beautiful — and true. It’s been a discovery to realize that memories are different at this point in time. There’s no “So what. It’ll be better next time” to take for granted.I think of that, too, that I’m lucky. My dad was 46 when he died.

  6. Stupid trolls. Like Stephpep56 said, so very brave behind the keyboard. That saddens me what people say over what? Politics? I’m old, thin and ugly. I believe your core group is here. Happily, here, Martha.

  7. Mostly, it’s an excuse for failure. I get a lot of “I don’t want to have to work as hard as YOU guys.” Garry was not only wounded, but baffled. I had a jaw dropping moment myself.

    You aren’t fat and you certainly aren’t ugly. You are, in fact, quite striking. You are not pretty, but you are beautiful.

    I block those rants from my timeline. I won’t respond to them and I don’t want to look at them. There’s no point in trying to talk to those people because they aren’t reasonable and they aren’t interested in having a discussion. So I just blot them out. Maybe it isn’t the “right” thing to do, but it works for me. Actually, I blot out ALL fake news stuff, no matter where it comes from. Eventually, there will only be friends remaining and that will be just fine.

    • Thank you. 🙂 ❤

      Fortunately, none of this on my timeline. I read an article and then made the mistake of reading comments and then made the GREATER mistake of commenting. I asked for it. :\ But what a disgusting reality we live in when a person's thoughtful remark (and it was politically neutral) is met by a personal attack like that.

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