Quotidian Ruminations: Two Dogs, DK, and Me

I had the idea when I retired that I’d wear punk rock t-shirts and be Punk Rock Grandma from Hell although there’s nothing hellish about me. I’m a nice person with a solid ethical core and a kind of enduring innocence, so that was just a “thing” like a band name. I have or had the t-shirts of my favorite (4) punk bands. BUT the trademark didn’t work out. I like long sleeves, I usually wear a sweatshirt and I was constantly explaining what the t-shirts meant.

I didn’t really “feel” the Punk Rock Grandma vibe. I’m nobody’s grandma, for one thing, and, in my mind, true punk is not fashion.

SO the only shirt I still have is my DK (Dead Kennedys) ย t-shirt because I’ll be one some day. Yep.

Trademarks on people are probably most often labels smacked onto them by OTHER people. I have this WHITE white white hair, and it’s never been very easily “ruled.” I think that’s it, my trademark. People around me know the hair and the big black dog and the big white dog. We are usually out together…

In my usual obtuse state I only recently realized “branding” means the brand of a product or person in the case of The Donald. To me that’s an odd way to use the word, but apparently only to me, you know, the “Trump Brand.” I think of brands as kinds of toothpaste, “More fluoride than other brands!” or arcane designs burned into an animal’s fur, “Well hell. That heifer come all the way from the Lazy Double Bar T Rocking R.”


AND that’s related to “branding” in the modern sense. I wonder if it’s like this for every generation. During the working years you put your nose to the ground and work (raise kids, do your job) and then you retire, come up for air and learn myriad details of the world around you have changed since the last time you looked some 20 or 30 years ago.

Maybe that’s a trademark of being 60 something along with the white hair and the dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “Quotidian Ruminations: Two Dogs, DK, and Me

  1. The white hair is a thing, even when one has a lot less of it than you do (I really envy your hair!) …

    I think I’m the one who yells at the deli people for slicing the meat so thin you can’t make a sandwich from it. Now, even when I’m NOT there, they are perfect slicers.

    We all have a role in life. Mine to to discipline youthful deli personnel.

    • I guess my role in life is to make sure the clouds, sky, mountains and trees get looked at by someone every day. If I do my job well, I get rewarded by the sight of a hawk or crane or something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I second the envy of the beautiful, thick, luscious and wild hair. Very much. And the pics of a place I’d love to visit, but probably never will. So, thank you.

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