Bored Games


“Sure. It’s better than Life.”


“I don’t see any difference.”

One of my favorite lines in Little Big Man (a GREAT film, by the way) is when Alardyce T. Merriwether, a snake oil salesman who kept losing “parts of himself” says, “Life contains a particle of risk.” It’s not one or the other, I guess.


For some people it’s Monopoly. For others — like my brother — it’s Gin rummy. As far as I can tell, my life is a game of Snakes and Ladders. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Bored Games

  1. I was a card player, my dad taught me all the games and it was the evening entertainment in the days before TV took over. I would so love to play chess, because no-one could in our family and I have taught myself. I sometimes play online, but am no expert.

    • I can play chess but I’m bad at it. I used to play sometimes with a Russian woman who populated a computer program I had on a Mac long long ago. She was supercilious, very skillful, and patronizing! 🙂

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