Dusty’s De-Cloaking Device

It is now hunting season out here in the Wild West, and on our walks, Dusty T. Dog wears his hunting vest. Most of the year, Dusty looks like a moving shadow, but between now and March next year, Dusty will have heightened visibility — day or night. This vest has reflective strips so if we were EVER to go out walking in the dark where there are headlights, Dusty would shine.

He also wears a little LED light on his leash for that purpose. It’s great because it lights up the ground where we’re walking.


It’s been said that Dusty is not the brightest dog on the planet, but I think that depends on the time of year.


8 thoughts on “Dusty’s De-Cloaking Device

  1. Tabby finds him very bright – for a dog of course, cats are brighter. That is a good idea with the cloak andn the light. Luckily our hunting season is more in the hills and slopes and not down where we live.

    • We will. We stay away from the area pretty much the first month of the season and then we only hike (hike?) in the middle of the day. We don’t get to see the animals that way, but usually at that time of day no one is there. And we stay on the side that has the most rigid restrictions about weapons. Luckily, golf season ends soon after hunting season starts and we’ll have our golf course back. 🙂

  2. I think I could use Dusty’s vest. Now that hunting season has started, I’m a bit wary when I take to the hills, but I don’t like staying closer to home.

    • Last year I bought an orange sweatshirt from “Life is Good.” It arrived, I put it on, and, sadly, with my build, I looked (to me, anyway) like a pumpkin in blue jeans. SO Dusty gets to wear the vest for me and Bear. She has one, too, but with her long fur it’s kind of a mess…

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