First Snow

Three years ago today I was living in South Fork waiting to move into my house. Dusty T. Dog and I took a walk in “our” field and a few flakes landed on his black fur. I thought, “Wow. I’m really back in Colorado.”

Right now, though, I have no doubt. Gotta’ go dig out my boots and take Bear out to revel in her bliss…

October 9, folks… Could be a LONG winter… And those poor people in Santa Rosa. Wow. One of the most beautiful spots in California now on fire 😦 Maybe our president will toss water bottles at the victims.

9 thoughts on “Madness…

  1. I wish someone would toss something at him to wake him up. Keep your snow, it is too early for me to be snow bound. We are in for a weeks of sun and very late summer temperatures next week.

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