Dream Logic

I’ve been having really vivid dreams lately and often, in these dreams, I’m murdered. Strangely, they’re not nightmares.

Last night I dreamed I was murdered by the mob. I had failed in fulfilling some contract and they were after me and some guy I was with. We were just a couple of relatively innocent (compared to the mob) kids, actually. We knew they were after us. The guy who was going to kill us was sorry about it. He said, “Tell you what. I’ll just poison you. You won’t even know.”

So, he poisoned us, and we did know. BUT (here’s the denial part) at a certain point in the “story” I decided to leave the room where all this had happened. I opened the door to go down the stairs and the guy who’d poisoned me said, “Don’t! You’re going to be unconscious any minute now and then die. You’ll fall down the stairs and hurt yourself!”

I remember thinking in the dream that was completely illogical.


11 thoughts on “Dream Logic

  1. Write it all down, I am sure it would be a best seller. My dreams are forgotten five minutes after I am awake and sometimes they are so interesting, but have never been murdered.

  2. Sometimes it really feels like ones unconscious is trying to tell us something that we ought to know. And every now and again, they turn out to be true — or very close to it.

    • I think the dreams are part of the process I’ve been going through since I retired because I’ve also dreamed of teaching. I think it’s about the end of that Martha. I no longer thing this is just “stop doing this and start doing that.” It’s a lot more complex, and slower. Last night (in real life, not a dream) I had a “conversation” with a young teacher here on WordPress. She read one of my posts and it touched her. I went to her blog and read hers and it was almost like looking backward through a telescope. I think that these dreams — since they don’t bother me — are just more of the transition. 🙂

  3. I’d agree, that is how it feels from your description. Moving on, not necessarily painlessly. The end of something, with a thump! (sorry couldn’t resist) Definitely final anyway.

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