Quotidian Discourse # 42

My iPhone 5SE — though it takes good photos in the general range — has limited focus in the zoom. Yep. I have a real camera but it doesn’t fit in the back pocket of my jeans and that seems to matter to me more than getting good photos at a distance.


Snow on the Sangres, yeah, really.

I’m not a camera person. My dad was. One of my exes was. I don’t like fussing with things, but I know that for people who DO like cameras, their attachments and the results, none of that is “fussing.”

My first camera was my dad’s then (1958) state-of-the-art Kodak and he spent a lot of time teaching me how to compose a photo. The camera didn’t have any attachments (except to my Dad and me, ha ha). In terms of range, it was the equivalent of my phone’s camera. I gave it as a thank you to my realtor in California when I moved away. She has a beautiful collection of antique (huh?) cameras.

In other news, I got back the paper proof of the hiking book yesterday and they loused up the colors on the cover, everything shifted to red. I have complained but also uploaded the book with a competitor. We’ll see. I’m not even planning on selling this book so I maybe I should not care (but I do). I guess I’m willing to fuss with this. 🙂

Our “hike” yesterday was into the larger part of the slough and it verged on spectacular. Acres and acres of wetlands with trails running through them — bike trails, I think, considering the distances. I saw egrets and a heron along the water’s edge and on the trail a garter snake digesting his meal of grasshoppers. I’m going to take my bike once I’ve confronted the guilt I will feel leaving the dogs at home.


Rio Grande State Wildlife Area — a huge wetlands along the river

So long until tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Quotidian Discourse # 42

  1. My reason for staying with Amazon is because I “kindled” my book … and over the years, I’ve sold quite a few of them, many of them in places I didn’t know people bought Amazon books … like Malaysia, for example.

    I sell a dozen books a year. Yes, I realize that isn’t really sales. I give more of them away than I sell. But much to my surprise, people actually read it. And like it. Personally, it gives me the creeps, but I’m allowed to feel that way.

    So regardless of aesthetics — try to make sure it’s easy to buy, easy to find. Easy to get delivery. Also, Amazon pays on time. Like clockwork. I get that $2.75 every single month.

    • I’m not selling it. My other books are on Amazon and available on Kindle and I no longer care how many books I sell. I’m completely over it. This book is just going to be Christmas presents, but the content matters a lot to me and I want it to look beautiful. I’ve complained and they’ve gotten back to me, meanwhile, Lulu is producing a proof. The quality of their paper is nicer than Createspace. I don’t think this book will ever be available for Kindle, though that’s easy enough if I want to do it.

      This is the first month I haven’t sold any books at all since I started this racket. It’s OK with me, though the $10 or so that used to come in at the end of the month was always very welcome. 🙂

    • Thank you. I agree. I will be buying this thing and what’s between those covers means a lot to me. This is the second time they’ve printed it with wrong colors.

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